Pray to Live a Purposeful Life

Day 21 - Last Day of the #821Fast! Purpose! 

We all should want to have a purposeful life because doing things that has purpose brings happiness. When you are just going with the flow and doing things just because it's what everyone else is doing, it's what others expect of you, it pays the bills and doing things that have no meaning... your life may become lifeless. Pray to live a purposeful life; by doing things that YOU enjoy and that have purpose. Sometimes we don't know what it is that makes us happy until we sit still and think about things. 

Seek God (Pray) to reveal to you the things that you should do and explore within your life; when you receive them, write them down, then make a plan to do them. Living a Purposeful Life means to live a life where you feel you are doing something that matters to you and you feel accomplished. 

Pray to live a purposeful life, a life with meaning and happiness. 

Thank you for reading each post the last 21 days. I hope that these post helped you to pray more and change your heart. May God Bless you in all that you do and may you continue to PRAY. 

Pray to Make Right Decisions

Day 20 - Decisions. We all have to make decisions each and every day of our lives. Pray to make the right decisions because the decision you make today can be life or death tomorrow. When I was in my late teens early 20's I made a lot of bad decisions that could have been brutal for me. In that I know I am not alone... many of us have made a lot of bad decisions one time or another. Hence, when you know better, you do better by making better decisions. Pray to be able to know the right way to go. Ask God to Help you and He will give you the wisdom needed for each and every decision you have. "For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6 Pray to make RIGHT decisions.