Knee Injury

So, what happened last weekend while walking/jogging through Kennesaw Mountain. As I was putting my phone in my holster to put it on my hip... not paying attention. As I started to jog again I tripped over a tree stump and fell and injured my knee. I think I probably didn’t cry because I was really embarrassed. Naw, I didn’t cry because well I just didn’t cry but I was quite embarrassed. The fall required me having to get 6 stitches. One in the inside and 5 on the outside of the wound. Ouch. I am Thankful it was just a laceration (deep cut/tear of the flesh) and nothing more serious. No broken bones, etc. Not only did I damage my knee. I also scrapped my arms and one of my fingers got damaged too... one of the fingers that I burnt earlier this year. It healed from that incident. Now it has to heal from this one and grow new skin. Yeah, that was some fall. 

So, they gave me a Tetanus shot and Antibiotics because this occurred in the Mountains and all sorts of things travel through there. So, for precautions to prevent any further issues the shot and antibiotics were necessary. For pain, I was told to take Tylenol. Thankfully, this particular cut hasn’t been very painful. Just sore. I’ve only taken the Tylenol for pain the day it happen. The morning before church to ensure I wasn’t in pain while serving in Children’s Church. I took it again Monday morning before going to work because I wasn’t sure how I would do throughout the day working. Otherwise, I haven’t been in any pain really. I've just been SUPER tired. Besides being tired this week I started having flu-like symptoms and broke out in hives really bad one evening. Like really bad... the hives were all over my legs, buttocks, stomach and on my face. What a sight. I was like OMG.  What was that about? I think I ate some bad food one day. Thought maybe that was the cause but nope. Still having issues. Then it hit me... you may be having an allergic reaction to the Antibiotics. If this is the case... wouldn't be the first time. I have allergies to a lot of medicine. Thank God I rely on Him for healing. So, today is my last day taking the antibiotics so I will see how my body reacts to it... Meanwhile, I've been really sick this week.

This whole knee injury has really set me back. I have stuff to do. Which I can't get done in this current condition. With me being sick on top of it... I can't function correctly. Selah. If you follow me on Instagram... you would know I've been working out...trying to reach a goal...and now I'm being slightly backtrack. Not sure when I will be able to work out extensively again. Stitches don't get removed for another week. However, I will not complain because this whole situation could have been way worse. 

Having this leg issue. Really makes me appreciate being well when I am well and having all of my limbs to maneuver around. It's pretty exhausting trying to get things done with this injured knee. Takes me a lot longer to get things done. My work this week... has been completed just at a much slower pace. Things normally take an hour or two have been taking like the whole day. I have a new respect for people who deal with this issue daily.  Also lets me know it sure is not in God's will for us to be ill/sick/injured.... because when we are... it makes it that much more difficult to do His work. That is not His will for our lives. 

When you are sick... All sorts of crazy stuff can go through your head.  Like seriously. I was like Lord. I know this is a spiritual attack and this enemy is really not letting up on me at all. He's getting very vicious. Seriously. So, many things have happened recently but this takes the cake. I was having a bad moment and I was like Lord. I'm not sure if I am cut out for this life. I mean. The more I share... the more these attacks and these weird people from out of nowhere pops up and attack me. Selah. My patience is running low. All sorts of crazy stuff started going through my head. I thought perhaps I shouldn't continue writing my book. Maybe I should just live a normal life. Lol. What's normal?

Further proves to me; when you are doing something for God. You really, will have to PUSH yourself…because the enemy is going to fight you every step of the way. The enemy knows your weaknesses and will use situations, circumstances and people to get to you. You have to stay alert at all times. Arrgh. Honestly, this week I was feeling very weak... but I asked myself what will be of my life if I don't continue this fight. Have you seen the world? The enemy is running rampant right now. Like seriously. Just put on your shield of Faith Coasta and keep it moving. God got you. Abide in Him and He will be with you every step of the way. Selah. This battle is surely the Lords and in Him... we are VICTORIOUS. I had to encourage myself. I didn't have the energy to do much of anything this week. So, I listen to worship music... to uplift my spirit as I lay in my bed. 

As I continue, to fight for my life; you guys keep fighting the good fight of Faith.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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Summer Reads

Looking for a good book to read; here are a few suggestions for you.

Two books to motivate and encourage you to go after your dream/vision: T.D. Jakes latest book Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive and You Have it in You! By Sheryl Brady.

I am currently reading T.D. Jakes latest book Instinct and so far it's a winner.  

Book overview: Modern life can seem like being lost in a jungle. With distractions and dangers emerging from every direction, it's easy to lose focus. Over time, we lose touch with one of our most powerful, purposeful, God-given attributes--the desire to be fruitful and multiply, what Bishop T. D. Jakes calls our "instinct for increase." Combining historical, cultural, and personal examples with biblical insights, in INSTINCT Bishop Jakes outlines how to re-discover your natural aptitudes and re-claim the wisdom of your past experiences. When attuned to divinely inspired instincts, you will become in sync with the opportunities life presents and discover a fresh abundance of resources. Knowing when to close a deal, when to take a risk, and when to listen to your heart will become possible when you're in touch with the instincts that God gave you.

I read this book You Have it in You! By Sheryl Brady last year and it was Awesome and very Encouraging!

Book Overview: By exploring the lives of the Bible’s most remarkable characters, we can learn how to dig deep within ourselves and find the strength to overcome and succeed in any situation.Some of the most talented, faithful, and amazing people in the Bible didn’t know they had it in them, either - not until God revealed to them the truth about their identity and abilities, often in the midst of perilous trials and challenging situations. Like these heroes of Christianity, all of us have untapped talents, unclaimed abilities, and unknown gifts waiting to be discovered inside us. Pastor Sheryl Brady believes God wants us to peel away the layers we try to hide behind, dissolve the excuses we use as camouflage, and reveal the beauty of our true selves. By sharing her own life journey as well as examples from history and current culture, Brady encourages us to reconsider the way we see ourselves and to reframe our own understanding of how we got there.

The Princess Within: Restoring the Soul of a Woman by Serita Jakes This particular book was given to me. I haven't had a chance to read it yet BUT it has great reviews. ;-) 

Book Overview: As Serita Jakes shares her testimony, she ministers to women from all walks of life. Her words resonate with those who feel trapped, but who long to be restored as the princesses God created them to be. Serita's insights and encouragement will give readers hope, courage, and strength to break free and experience wholeness in Christ.

When I want to read something fun I usually read one of Kimberla Lawson Roby books. I love her writing. She released her 20th Novel this year titled: The Prodigal Son. 


Happy Reading! :-)

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Fig & Flower: Natural Beauty

Last week, I had the pleasure of going to the Grand Opening of Fig & Flower on behalf of Kokoa Magazine. An article will be posted later this month there. Be sure to check it out. Overall, it was a great experience. The place was inviting the prices were reasonable. Everyone was allowed to test the products and even try their Healthy drinks. I tried the Green flavored. Um, I didn’t like it but it was Healthy. The gentlemen in charge of the drinks said: That’s the healthiest drink here. I was like I’m sure it is. I’m sure it is. Me don’t like Healthy drinks! Lol. I kid. I like the ones that have more fruits in them and well fruits that I eat. :-)

I also had an opportunity to meet with the owners both Blair Wagoner & Sara Lamond; to find out a little more about what the store had to offer and their future plans. Both ladies were very friendly and willing to assist in all ways that they could. They have a great and exciting future ahead of them with Fig & Flower; this is just the beginning! Read more about them and why they started Fig & Flower here.

Personally, I’ve been changing up a lot of things over the last few years in my diet and products I use. Looking for more Natural items, etc. So, this store is PERFECT for such cause. They had items for Women [cosmetics], Baby, Household cleaners, Hair & Skin care and even products for Men. Yep, even products for men. That was a plus. I was really impressed with their collection. I have a close friend who’s Vegan. So, when he comes for a visit. I know where to take him.They also gave everyone a gift bag with samples to try out the products.

So, if you are looking for natural products for your skin. Or if you have allergies to gluten and other chemicals this store is the perfect solution for such cases. They have chemical free and gluten free products, etc. Go check them out. If you are not local check out their items and shop online at shopfigandflower.com. If you are local, I’m sure they would love to see your pretty face. Their address is: 636 N. Highland Avenue | Atlanta, GA 30306

Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening:

Blair Wagoner & Sara Lamond pictured with me.

Inside gift bag Product Samples

Inside gift bag Product Samples

Healthy drinks

Some of the Men products.

Skin Care

Bath & Body


Hair Care

Home Care

Mom & Baby

Outdoors Skin Protection

Bar & Soap

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Conquering Hell in High Heels

Saturday morning, I went to the 2014 Conquering Hell in High Heels. At this event, there were a lot of just broken women. Sitting next to them and hearing the conversations around me. I just thought to myself. Man, I see why I cannot quit and why others who have a story need to share their stories. When you have experience certain things in life; you can easily detect those spirits in other people. You see it. I also see why the need for those who are called into Ministry ought to get up and fulfill their calling. There is such a BIG demand... So, many lost souls out there. So, many that need SAVING. 

I wore this shirt that said: Beautiful. I found it funny that I picked that shirt to wear to this event. The theme was: Beautifully Broken. People kept telling me that I was Beautiful. My shirt said Beautiful. I literally thought to myself about the time when I was Broken and when I didn't think I was Beautiful. I have come a long way! Praise the Lord! Amen!

I purchased a few goodies....sowing into others and their Ministry/Business.

CHHH T-shirt, tote, pearl braclet and Love album by Deborah Hightower.

Here is a picture of me before I left home Saturday morning to attend this event. I felt so pretty in this picture. Although, I was really tired. I was on Cloud 9 from my experience at the Benny Hinn's service.The power of the Holy Spirit is just so Awesome! Thankful for GROWTH! :-)

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Benny Hinn's Miracle Healing Service

This past Thursday and Friday evening, I had the opportunity to attend Benny Hinn's Miracle Healing Services. All I can say is WOW what an experience. I've never experienced the Holy Spirit in that manner before. That was so AWESOME. The first night, a Volunteer lady came to where I was sitting sorta in the middle of the room. She said to me: God's giving you favor, I want to sit you closer upfront. I was like welp! I will take it! It's always good to have God's favor - nothing like it! :-)

Personally, I have never watched Benny Hinn on TV. I was talking to a friend about something a couple months back and he mentioned Benny Hinn. So, that's when I looked him up and saw he was coming to Atlanta and said I will make sure I go to his Healing Service. So, everything I experienced was so unexpected. I was like WOW. The Anointing he has on his life. Powerful. I wasn't planning on going Friday night because I had another event to attend... but I felt led to come back. So, I canceled my Friday night plans and went back and man was I glad to have went back! That night, will be a night I will NEVER forget. I had my friend take a picture of me...[the picture you see above]. So, I could have one for memory sake. :-) BUT after experiencing something like that... I wouldn't need a picture to remember. I will forever remember that night.

Not only will I have the pictures, the memories. I will also have my notes. I am a note taker. I took like 9 pages of notes from his teaching! Gotta study and research. I started studying Healing last year; to get a better understanding. So, it was Awesome to hear him teach on it and witness God's Healing power! He answered questions, I had and he confirmed things that were revealed to me previously. Just amazing! I now understand certain things a lot better now. Thankful for Pastors; that really Teach the Word of God.

He spoke on being called and chosen. Many are called but few are chosen. He said, the Chosen ones are chosen for service. So, if I didn't know the meaning when the Lord told me I was Chosen back in 2012. I know now. You can read my blog about being chosen here.

To see the people being healed (paralyzed people walking, lumps vanishing, etc.) in that place those nights was just unbelievable. Nothing like it. God is amazing. Their is POWER in the name of Jesus!

Some won't believe it and to that I am reminded of this scripture: "...people who aren't spiritual can't receive these truths from God's Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can't understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means." 1 Corinthians 2:14 NLT

I'm still so excited from those night. I received from Heaven and I know my life will never be the same. It was confirmation that everything that I am doing right now in this season... is the right thing to do and to keep on keeping on! Though, it may get tough I am not alone. As long as I abide in Jesus; He will be right there with me to see me through this Journey. God's got this! #HolySpirit

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Good-Bye Fortune Cookies

When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. 
He will not speak on His own but will tell you what He has heard. 
He will tell you about the future.  John 16:13 NLT

Over the years, I have collected the little slip of paper from the Fortune Cookies. Whenever, I would eat out because I thought they were cute. The other day, after someone asked me what were my thoughts about psychic reading because they were considering having one done. In responding, to the person, I wanted to make sure I included the word of God to back up what I said. So, as I seeked Him to give me the correct response to handle this situation. What came into my spirit was: Coasta what about your fortune cookie stash? It's the same thing; you need get rid of it. I was like ah... well I just thought they were fun...but now I'm feeling convicted for keeping those things. So, after I took the above picture; in the trash they went. Though, it may not have been harmful. When I started collecting them years ago... at that time I did look at it as a boost of encouragement and hope for my future. Instead of God's word. I started collecting them and then formed a habit. Every time, I go to Asian restaurant and get a fortune cookie I hardly ever eat the cookie. I just open it up to see what's inside. If it's something good. I keep; if not I trash. Ha. It made me think about the word of God.... how if it's something good we like. BUT when God say's something not pleasing to our flesh. We don't want to hear it. I was like WOW all of this ... just to answer a question. Like Really Lord! ;-)

It brought me to this conclusion. Though, it seemed harmless it could be hazardous to ones soul. How because if one simply just relied on that little cookie for Revelation of their future. They would be missing out on all the GREAT things that God has for them in their life. The Revelation for their future, needs to come from God and His word and not some little fortune cookie.

Same thing applies in regards, to relying on Horoscope readings. In my younger days, I read my Horoscope reading everyday and guided my day by it. Did I do the same in regards to God's word? Nope.

It's amazing how we can give our attention and turn our minds to other things [other Gods] and it has so much power over our lives then the Word of GOD. Amazing. We give them more Authority by believing in them over our lives then the Word of God.

You shall have no other gods before Me. Exodus 20:3 

What an eye opener. I no longer read Horoscopes and now I will no longer read those little fortune cookies. They have no value to my life; like the Word of God does for the Word of God is the POWER of SALVATION to EVERYONE who BELIEVES.

My convictions, may not be your convictions. Just be mindful of what you allow to enter into your spirit and where you go to seek Revelation for your life. The way Satan gets us... is he makes things look fun and not harmful. So, that we would accept them as acceptable behavior. This is why so many of us believers are so messed up, lost and confused. BUT Thank God that if we Seek Him He will show us the way to go for He is the way, the truth and the LIFE.

No Horoscope and No Physic readings, etc for me. Reference Scriptures: Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Acts 16:16–18

"And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 
So it is no surprise if his servants, also, 
disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. 
Their end will correspond to their deeds." 
2 Corinthians 11:14-15

Am I to look down upon you because you are doing things that I feel is not right. Nope. I speak what I am led too and just pray for your deliverance. Read Romans 14

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. James 1:5

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How Many Sex Partners?

Friend: How many sexual partners have you had? 

Me: Thinking where did that come from and why do you want to know?

Personally, I believe that type of question is a private matter. It's personal. So, for someone to just randomly ask you that? Friend or not. It’s inappropriate! 

Do people just randomly ask questions like such these days and it's acceptable? Like really? Why? 

So, I was curious to know if this is something people ask on a normal basis. So, I asked a few people. Most of them, thought it was inappropriate, to ask such question and said they would have gotten offended as well. Only one said they didn't mind being asked; because some people ask to know how experienced you are etc. Well, if we were dating possibly I could see where that would apply… but no that’s not the case here. So, why ask? 

My thinking, even if we were dating. I still don't feel it's a question to ask someone. I find it immature. I had to think back has anyone asked me that before? Thinking cap: Yeah, in my late teens…early 20’s maybe. Recent years: No. 

So, you get a number then what? If they had a high number. Do you find that attractive? Do you take them off your list of interest because of the high number? Do you think they are an expert in bed? If they had a low number? Do you think they are safer? Do you think they are inexperienced? Questions. Questions. 

I believe if you are IN a serious relationship with someone. The question shouldn't be how many partners you have but when was the last time have you been tested? Do you mind if we do that together, so we know our status? That's what should be the MAIN concern: knowing each other’s Health Status is more important than how many partners one has had.

Some people have past lives; they don't want to relive. Asking such questions may bring back negative memories of their past. 

From the perspective of one being a SAVED individual. A person who has given their life to Christ and in doing so -- was made a NEW Creation in Christ Jesus and they are truly living for Christ. This question is irrelevant. Why because they are not that same person.

If you are pursuing someone for marriage. I do advise to get tested for Health reasons before making a commitment to one another. BUT don’t worry about how many people they had sex with in their past or how experienced or inexperience they are. It’s a distraction. What you are establishing now is what matters, not their past. The good thing about Marriage is… you will have plenty of opportunity to explore one another sexually and get it right to your likings as a Married Couple. Creating Beautiful and NEW memories. However, just like in every relationship Communication is KEY. It is the KEY to building intimacy in your Marriage. So don’t forget to > Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! & Keep your focus on the NOW and on YOUR partner…not who was before you, etc. That’s how you get distracted! 

When a person is living right and you know their eyes are only on you and yours on them. You should only worry about the FUTURE and building a strong relationship with that person not the past. Keeping your attention on the past; will keep you back there. 

At the end of the day ... it doesn't matter if a person had 1 or 50 partners. Numbers, don’t determine how experience one is and it sure doesn’t determine how safe one is. 

::Health Tip::
I’ve found that the best policy in dating, is to not engage in sexual relations and wait for marriage to engage in such activities. I’m still marching along in my celibacy walk and you know what it’s easier than it was when I started[Jan 2013]! However, I know many will not practice celibacy. If you are that type person. Make sure you use a condom. Protect yourself and get tested every 6 months. Regardless, if you use a condom or not. Protect yourself and Get tested.

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2nd & Charles: Buy, Sell, Trade

Over the weekend, I discovered a new store. Well, new store to me! I was just driving along heading to the Mall and I saw a sign on the building where my favorite shoe store use to be. It said: Buy, Sell, Trade, Books, Games, Tech and More. So, I turnt around to go check it out! Lol. Literally, making a U-turn. I am a BOOK lover. So, yeah. When I stepped inside. I was amazed at all the things they had in stock. Lots of BOOKS in every category. Though, they didn't have any French books only dictionaries...but still lots to choose from. Lots of games and old game systems. Awestruck! Lol. I thought to myself... Oh, I cannot wait for my lil guy to return home from Summer Vacation!! I think we will have a new favorite place to purchase books, games, movies, etc. The prices were AWESOME and the items were in good condition. I can even trade in old stuff we don't like or have grown apart from.

These are the things that you can take to them to trade or sell: Books, CDs, DVDs & Blu-Ray, Video Games, Game Systems & Accessories, Comics, iPads, iPods, eReaders, Vinyl Records, Audio Book. They are located in 14 states currently. Check out their website and see if there is one near you!

Here are some pictures from my visit. :-)

My Favorite book ;-)

Kids Books

Kids books

Kids area




Vinyl Records

Site: http://www.2ndandcharles.com/

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