Shine On Sierra Leone

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Here is a picture of Sierra Leone, Africa - so you get a visual of where it's located!

"Shine On Sierra Leone was founded 5 years ago by prominent commercial and music video casting director Tiffany Persons and supported by supermodel and celebrity Selita Ebanks in partnering with the people of Sierra Leone and rebuilding Sierra Leone"

I recently saw pictures from an event. Where "Shine On Sierra Leone" celebrated their 5th year anniversary in Venice, CA on May 25th. The event was supported by a select group of philanthropists, activists and familiar faces. The event was hosted by Bill Maher, Serena Williams and Selita Ebanks. As well as other artists, designers and sponsors. 

 Tiffany Persons, Alessandra Ambrosio, Selita Ebanks & Melanie Fiona

So, this is what sparked me to post this blog b/c my heart goes out to the people of Sierra Leone and in other countries who are struggling to rebuild after civil wars, etc. Plus my ex-husband is from Sierra Leone.... So, it's another reason why this country sparks my interest. The stories him and his friends told about the horror they witness. When they were young, during the civil war is just heartbreaking! :-(  I've seen some video footage and it is just really awful!! 

Another reason, my heart is set on Sierra Leone is because I am from Charleston, South Carolina and a lot of the slaves that were purchased in Charleston, South Carolina were brought from Sierra Leone. So, who knows if I ever trace my DNA to find my roots it my end up back in Sierra Leone.

When, I was a young one. I said that whenever I had my business I would donate a certain amount of money to a country in Africa to help the people there. Then, I didn't know which country. I just knew I wanted to help. Now, I believe I have chosen the country I will help! I haven't exactly figured out how I will do it, yet. For instance, like if I am going to sell certain pieces where the entire profit for those items are donated to that country or am I going to donate a certain percentage of my overall profit each quarter, etc. I don't know...but I have time to figure it out. Meanwhile, I will work to put together my thoughts on how I will go about it.

I know as an American, people get all hot and bottled because help is going to other countries and not here. I feel though as an American, I am more at an advantage then people in other countries. Although, we struggle here it is nothing compared to some people in other countries. Most of us, have never ever lived the lives that these people in other countries have...they need our help more in my opinion. A lot of Africans, I know from various countries work here in the US but they send money home to help their families back in Africa. It's a struggle. I feel if you have the resources to make a change, then do something...

I do also plan on helping people here as well. A certain group of people and that's single parents b/c as a single parent. I understand their struggle. Now, I just have to be fabulous at what I do... So, that I can generate the income to do all that I want to do in this world and help to make it a better place overall. I want to see people smiling.