Ladies: RESPECT what does that mean to you!?!?


You ladies that came before me...GOD BLESS definitely pave the way. So, that I and others can do things, we couldn't do before.  On the other hand, some of you have made it very difficult for us younger females! Who are trying to go into business and do things the right way!!! Why do I say this....well it's because A LOT not all...but A LOT of you females. Slept your way to the top. So, now a lot of these men expect us young ones to do the same! Excuse me Mister!


Not here buddy!!! BACK AWAY!!

I was NEVER the one to use a man for anything! I could have but why would I use someone for my own personal gains. That's not Christian like or nice! I don't do that! Never had and I'm not going to start now! I like to do things, the RIGHT WAY!!

So, I'm sorry Mister, I will not sleep with you, flirt with you, date you, have dinner with you, that you can help me with my business. No buddy! Not here, Not ever!!!

GOD got this! Move out of my way!

I've always worked hard for everything, that I do and I will continue to work hard! When it's God's will for you. He will pave a way for you and you will never have to sleep your way or do things that you shouldn't be doing to get to the top! He will work it all out for you!! F.A.I.T.H.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. yourselves LADIES!!!!!