NY State of Mind Clothing

NEW YORK!!! NEW YORK!!! The place where dreams are made.....

I took a trip to New York, once in November 2007 for Thanksgiving...it was very interesting. I might say...things didn't turn out how I had envisioned it but I got to visit with family...I hadn't seen in years, even made a trip to New Jersey. It all, reminded me a lot of South Korea but Americanized!

After visiting NY though, it made me change my mind of wanting to live there! LOL ~ I like my space! :-) It made me appreciate my space, in Atlanta so much more!! However, I do plan on going back to check out things - I didn't get to see while there!

Anyhow, a few months back I got a chance to meet with Brett Stein, the head honcho of NY State of Mind! He is the Designer, the master mind of the Clothing Label!

Brett is the one with the red cap!

I interviewed him at the A3C Hip Hop Festival, last year and he told me about how he got started. He said that he was selling illegal stuff in the streets of NY and then he found a loop hole with NY City Law, that allowed you to sell things in the street legally if it had a Political statement...so that's when he birthed "NY State of Mind" He wanted to be more positive! He said: Everyone around has the potential to have a NY State of Mind!

It's great, when someone can turn something negative into something positive. Just like how God, turns our mess into blessings!

Check out his site and go shopping and if you live in Brooklyn, NY. He just opened up a store in the Dekalb Market, go check it out. I will be sure, to check it out, my next trip to NYC!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NYStateOfMind1

NY State of Mind Store in Dekalb Market

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