Pregnancy Naked Pics...hmmm

One thing, I am tired of seeing naked women on the cover of these magazines!!!! As well as, Peta's ads of women going naked b/c they rather not wear animal fur. I know as a Marketer...that's the best way to get people's attention but they are other options of clothing then wearing animal fur!!

Enough is Enough!!!

Esp. pregnant women. I get that you want to take pictures, of your unborn in your belly. I feel if you want to do that, you should for your family and friends to see. Not on the cover of a magazine and for parents of small children, to have to explain why this naked woman is on the cover of a magazine! Keep those naked belly pictures and naked pictures period, at home for the privacy of your family and friends. Stop polluting our children, to think it's ok to take nude photo's and post it for the world to see!

Why do you think sexting (sending naked or semi nude pics via text) is high among our youth...look at what's being portrayed to them EVERY SINGLE DAY in the media!!!!  By TV (sitcoms, music videos, etc), Billboards, Magazines, etc.


I'm not saying this b/c I am bitter...I am saying this b/c I am sick and tired of it!  It's really gotten out of hand!!

I get it sex sells...but we need to start getting other stuff to sell!!! Start promoting other stuff!! My goodness!!!