Being a Mother...My Personal Experience

So, I am in my emotions right now...

Mother's Day is approaching and hmm...lately I have been challenged in being a mother. Well, I think I have been challenged in being a mother since the day I found out I was pregnant!  As a mom, you want to make sure you are doing everything you should and doing things right. Making the best decisions for your child, etc.

It can be challenging sometimes. Lately, I have been reflecting on motherhood. Wondering, where I would be in my career, if I was not a mother because after becoming a mother...I've had to do things differently, go a different route and make plenty of sacrifices!

BUT my son has been the BEST gift GOD could have given me! He is such a GREAT child. I can't even imagine my life with out him. He makes me smile, when I am down! He's so full of personality and he's like literally a lil me. LOL, it's funny. I see myself when I was younger, when I look at him and when I hear him speak. The only difference is...he is way more outspoken than I was at his age. That's mainly because of different parenting and environment!

My parents were young when I came along. My childhood was crazy! So, I took that and was like. I know what not to know...and so I strive to be a better parent. Nothing against them or anything.

As a parent and just as a human-being! Every day is a learning experience. You can never know everything and how to handle everything. Each day is truly a learning experience. Each child is different. Everybody's situations are different. You just gotta be the best parent you can possible be, to the best of your ability. Always be open to change...because we are always changing, the world we live in is always changing and our children are always changing. Changing means GROWTH! So, it's a good thing!!!

Despite, things not being the way I would have envisioned them. Being a single mother, has definitely made me a much stronger person. If I were not a mother, I'm not sure I would be this person that people love so much. ;-) I probably would  have been a lot more selfish, probably not - but being a mother, has been a very humbling experience for me. Through out all the trials, it's been great! Most of the greatest moments in life are the ones not planned! So, THANK you God for giving me my child! My best gift ever!! :-)


Some pics: 

5 months preggo - u couldn't really tell I was expecting!

by the time for delivery - I was looking like I was about to pop!

Born day Dec. 23

2010 pic