Celebrities: Who Have You Seen!?

Have you seen TI, Ludacris, Real Housewives of Atlanta celebs, Tyler Perry, etc. 

Ha! I can't tell you how many times people, who do not live in Atlanta...ask me that question!

I have seen or been in the same environment as some celebs BUT I don't go out looking for them or go places where I know they will be b/c I just simply don't care to.

I just respect their SPACE & PRIVACY and I don't care to be all up in their faces, like that! If I see them cool, if I don't cool. I don't get all worked up, over celebrities like that. I'm sorry. They are human beings, just like you and I...just in a different career.

Celebrities aren't born, they are made! 

These days, anyone can be a celebrity you don't even need talent...just hang around the right people and you will become one! Quite frankly - I AM NOT AT ALL interested in becoming a celebrity! I just want to create items, that my target audience will love and when I open up my boutique - be able to provide quality, affordable and wonderful services to my customers - that they will LOVE! That's all, not looking for FAME! Don't want it!

If I ever had a reason, to be up in the celebs faces. It would be purely business wise b/c face it - you attach their name to something and BAAM - instant popularity for that product! Great advertisement! They get free clothing and/or paid to wear clothing/jewelry's etc b/c that's all apart of advertising merchandise!! It's called BUSINESS!!!! When you have a business and you have a new service or product to offer, you pay to put up ads right...well celebrities are like walking billboards! Walking advertisements! That typically, gets you instant results! So, that's why they get paid in money or free stuff to rock! It's ALL BUSINESS!! 

So, those that ask that annoying question "have you seen so and so" stop it please and THANKS!

Love you!