Go Get It, Get Your Blessing!! :-)

I'm loving this song....and I kept hearing it OVER AND OVER AGAIN this weekend as I was moving...and unpacking...I was thinking to myself hmm...is it my time!? lol - I believe so! I am just in AWE of my great blessing and what's to come! I am so motivated to do great things! More than ever...and I feel like it is my time. So, Yeah - I gotta get re-focused!

I still haven't finished unpacking all of our things yet...well I got my child squared away b/c as a parent - you want to always make sure you take care of you child(ren) first. So, he's happy go lucky and he's EXTREMELY happy with this move and has new friends already!

Happy child = Happy Parent!!!! We are very blessed!!

So, after unpacking which I hope to be done by the end of this weekend. I will get to work!! :-) Lots to do!!!

I took this picture below on Sunday - it was such a beautiful day out...but I spent it indoors unpacking. lol - Although, I could really use a new camera!! I'm really loving my phone camera...and it just amazes me the quality of the photos it produces sometimes.