My life at the Moment

Well....I'm working on several different things at the moment. It all affects my future. I'm currently enrolled, into a program, that relates to my ultimate goal owning my own "Boutique". I am about to enroll into another program to finish off my schooling.

All of this while still working on my fashion venture (collection). I'm still working out to get my body in tip top shape and to be HEALTHY! ;-) With being a mommy and all my other obligations! It will be challenging to balance it say the least (no social time)...but I need to focus and get all my ducks in order!

I'm not getting any younger!;-)

I have learned, it's not too wise to update people on my every move. Sooooo I will be restricting what I say in social world! ;-)

Just getting my house in order - right now...focusing on MOI!

May GOD Bless you all and I wish nothing but the best for you all!!! 

Again, THANK YOU for all of your support in me and my dreams!! You inspire me to continue the journey, no matter how tough it may get!! THANK YOU!!!