My weekend....No looking back!

My first weekend in the new place...had to get adjusted and organized! Still not finish just yet...and out of all that stuff I gave away before moving...b/c of limited space. I will have to get rid of more things. Oh the

I'm purging!!! YAY!! ;-)

Getting rid of things...that I've been holding on to...that I should have let go a long time ago and let GOD handle for me...BUT me being the stubborn person I was... ;-) Finally decided it was time, to let go and let GOD.  I've been trying to control this area, for the past ummm 10 years! Ha! Sure hadn't been successful on my part! I was like Coasta time to let go and I did!! Finally!!!

Yesterday's service, my pastor...was talking about how we are finding ourselves this season. I am exactly where he says some of us are....finding myself and trying to make sure I make the RIGHT choices. Some things have came up recently and I was like well I could do this...but then my spirit reminds me...well if you do will be putting yourself in a situation of where you use to don't want to go back bet not make that decision! So, yeah it's been trying times recently!! Battling my thoughts & emotions, on making the RIGHT decisions!!!

I can't go the easy route...I have to go the RIGHT route!! NO MATTER WHAT b/c it's the best route to take!!

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. {Matthew 6:33}

Trusting the GREAT I AM all the way!!!!!