Choosing a Name....!?!?

So, I've been battling what I would call my designs when I put them up for sale, etc....and today - I came up with a name that I will rock with !!! :-) I just have to create a cute logo now!!!!!

This morning, a friend wanted me to help her come up with a name - for her business. She needed the name by next week! Deadline!! So, in helping her...I started to think...about my name and thought I should do something different. So, that my name would have more meaning. "Google here I come!" LOL My favorite thing to do 'googling'!!!!

I found the perfect name! My new name is so fitting for who I am and I'm really excited about the name! :-) I can't share the name until I am all copyrighted, etc!! ;-) Too many lurkers! lol ~ but I am excited about the name choice. When you see it - you may see nothing of it...but it has meaning and it means who I am!!

I consulted my best friend and another close friend of mines, both males. They love the name choice! They know how to keep their mouths shut too and they are not on social media!! So, I love talking to them about all things!! Plus, they have both known me forever. So, they know what I like, don't like and what fits me! :-) Thanks guys!!!

I'm happy for the people the creator has put in my life - to inspire and encourage me!! So, today was successful! :-)

Now, I feel like drawing!! I will try to squeeze a drawing in over the weekend...chow!