Coasta is OKAYY!!! :-) I'm just working on A LOT of stuff right now....including a new blog format (which will take awhile to get it together)!

BUT as I was needing some encouragement today...I read some of my old postings AND it lifted my spirits. So, I decided to open it back up...perhaps someone may need some encouragement or just want to browse...

Here is in excerpt of one in particular:

"We all need to be encouraged and know that we can do, what we set out to accomplish - if we just try and do it and stop sitting - waiting for the perfect time - there will never be a perfect time. You just have to believe that you can do it and take the necessary steps - to make it happen and DO NOT GIVE UP! Your never too young or old, to make your dream a reality! Stay FOCUSED, POSITIVE, MOTIVATED, and DETERMINED! Always, remember to keep GOD your #1 and he won't FAIL you - and you can take that to the bank! If things aren't going the way they should or you feel they should in your life - evaluate yourself - to see what you should be doing differently! Pray about it, ask GOD to show you: what you are doing wrong and make the necessary changes! ~  Kirk Franklin said on Facebook the other day -"You can change friends, jobs, schools and relationships, but if it's the same you showing up nothing will ever change."- Meditate on that and make that change in your personal life!!"

Sometimes, I can't believe the stuff I write! lol - BUT this was very encouraging TODAY! 

Toodles for now!