Happy 29th Birthday to Moi

I'm getting so old these days...when someone ask me how old am I!? I literally have to sit there for a second and think how old am I !!! SAD!!! 

Well, I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to take a break and reassess, the direction I was going! Sometimes, in life that is needed! One should periodically, assess the route you are taking..and if you are going in the wrong direction...it's best to STOP and go the RIGHT direction, as soon as you recognize! Continuing to go in the wrong direction, is NOT good! 

So, I have made some changes in my life and to my site. I want my site to be more uplifting and encouraging. I will still post my fashion and other postings. I will just add more inspirational/encouraging postings as well. 

I'm still working on things. I'm never not working on something! LOL - the story of my life! Projects galore!

Anyhow, as I am happy to be able to celebrate my 29th Birthday. I was reflecting earlier about all the things I have learned in this last year of my life. So, much has happened in the last year....it's crazy BUT I have learned a lot of good stuff. One thing that's probably the most important LOL is I have learned to BE QUIET sometimes! That's hard b/c I'm a talker! LOL- I love to talk but sometimes it's best to just be quiet and be still. 


I've had situations occur this year....and before I could even think about worrying about it. I am reminded...well you know you faced similar situations or worse before...you got through that right...so you will get through this! Keep your FAITH! Yeah, those lil reminders are necessary at times!


Well, Happy Birthday to me! I pray that I continue to let GOD lead me and guide me in all I do and I pray that I can be a vessel that He can use....

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy my content! Be blessed!!