Heel Less Heels

André Perugia French Shoe Designer - his trademark shoe from the 1900's

These Heel Less shoes, were once introduced back in the 1900's....pretty much every style of shoe or clothing was once made before. Nowadays, they are re-birthed and just more up-to-date looking with today's times.

These type of shoes are more famously known by Lady Gaga, wearing them.They are VERY HOT right now! I do not own a pair....nor have I tried one on. I've been being good and not shopping! LOL More like on a budget! Important stuff to spend my funds on right now!

I can only imagine how it will feel to walk in one. Sure looks like it will put a lot of pressure on your calves and you have to be careful walking in some areas and be careful not to lean backwards as there is nothing for support there! Interesting. I will have to try a pair on, to see how they feel. I have seen regular folks walking around with them. So, they are pretty popular amongst everyone.

Just remember folks, just because something is in Style and cute...it may not be good for you health wise. Don't go ruining your legs or feet because of some shoes or for the sake of staying, up to date with the trends.

Heel Less Shoes