WAITING on my King!!

I am waiting on my beloved King! The one GOD has chosen to call me his Queen! :-)

I use to say that I was waiting on my Prince. One of my good friends for over 15 yrs...he said to me, that's your problem you keep waiting on Princes when you need to be waiting on a KING. I was like WOW you are so right! Gone are the days when I waited on a Prince. Princes are in training to become KINGs! So, I need me a KING! So, I have to wait until he finishes his training to become my King! :-) What a concept!

I've had a lot of failed relationships including a failed marriage. They all failed for different reasons: a lot due to failure to commit (no shacking up for me), cheating (I'm selfish, I do not share and nor should you!), use of drugs (I do not support or encourage the usage of drugs! Say NO, to drugs people!!) and my marriage failed for many reasons but the bottom line was - we rushed into it = NOT GOOD! 

However, from all of those failed relationships. I learned a great deal about myself among other things, that will make me a better mate in the future. 

Men like to say I have HIGH Standards. Yes, I do have HIGH standards!! Everyone should have some STANDARDS!!!!!

You can't be with me and some other chick at the same time - if we are in a relationship. I know you can have any girl you want. Go ahead and play with the girls. I am a woman and I demand to be treated with RESPECT! Me don't share! I'm selfish! Buh-bye ~ You are NOT my King, So, I wait!

Yes, I understand that you are an adult and you can do what you please - if you are going to do drugs. You will do that without me! I have NEVER supported the usage of drugs AND I will not start now b/c it's socially accepted! NO! Not me! Buh-BYE! You are NOT my King, So, I wait!

Religious beliefs is another BIG one! Oh, it's huge! I met a guy who was absolutely GREAT, AWESOME, ATTRACTIVE, just WONDERFUL but we had different religious beliefs. That is not going to work! I believe in JESUS CHRIST and that will NEVER EVER change!!!!  You are NOT my King, So, I wait!

So, if my standards are high! So be it!!! I don't get all caught up on people's looks, material things, etc - because truth be told what you see on the outside...is not all cute and pretty on the inside all the time!

As I grow older, I'm not interested in the past either...unless there is important information that I need to know  - that could hinder you in your current relationship with me. OF course, I want to know if you have children and if you do - you better be spending time with them and taking care of them!! Otherwise, I am not interested in a person's past and how many chicks he's been with, etc. Not interested, that was before me!

Nor am I interested in sharing my past relationships. You only need to know what is pertinent to our relationship. Many times, after revealing your past...people tend to use it against you when you get into an argument....so we are cutting that out of the equation, all together! Save the DRAMA!

I do not play games with people's heart. I do not. I really don't like dating. Some people I know they like dating several people at a time. Me not so much. I like to focus on one person at a time. When dating more than one person at a time:  "What if you fell for them all at the same time? Then what?" I just think that's playing with people's emotions and time. I don't do that.

I'm honest with people. Men seem to be intimidated by me. Not really sure why. Lately, I see them checking me out but they don't say anything. Like, I'm going to bite them. LOL. I asked one of my male friends why is that...he was like: "Do you see how you look? You're beautiful and Guys are afraid of being rejected..." I'm like, well the ones I want to approach me are afraid and the ones that I wish would keep their lil tails walking are not afraid of approaching me! LOL  *Joys of being single!* Don't be afraid men! I don't like men who are afraid...how are you going to protect me if you are afraid of even approaching me! So, that tells me... ~ You are NOT my King, So, I wait! 

People like to ask me questions. Yes, I want to be in love again, I would love to get married again and it last forever like it should but only with my MR. RIGHT! So, I am waiting patiently for my KING! 

I finally realized that we are both being prepared for one another.  We are being trained up so that we can be a GREAT TEAM together! That's the way I look at it, to keep my mind at peace and not thinking of how lonely it is to be single! LOL *FOCUSING ON THE POSITIVE!!!*
So, I wait! ;-)