Man, I just don't want to be here anymore....

Man, I just don't want to be here anymore....

Have you heard someone say that!!!!!??? IF so, you need to talk to them immediately and see what's going on with them - b/c this may be a warning sign of SUICIDE. 

As the economy, continues to get worse for a lot of people. People are jobless, homeless/losing homes, not able to provide for their families the basic necessities, not have the life they were accustomed too, failed relationship/marriage, don't feel good about themselves, increase in bullying, sexuality, etc. That list goes on and on.

These are all signs...that can lead up to people not wanting to be here on Earth anymore. They feel they aren't accomplishing, they are just taking up space. They may feel, that no one loves them and they would be better off dead. They may feel like people just don't understand them, so why live where you are not understood. They may be tired of people picking on them and calling them names. They may feel lonely. They may be dealing with some form of abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional, etc). 

When people are at a low in their life, they can and will think the worse of themselves. These days, people are dealing with a lot of things...and everyone handle's things different from one another.

Turn those negative thoughts, into POSITIVES!!! 

Reason, I know b/c I've been there! My late teens early 20's was rough! So, many things happened to me that made me feel like I did not want to be here anymore. I was like what's the purpose...all people do is use me, take advantage of me, they don't care about me, no one would miss me....these are things that went on in my head. 

Mind you....I had been trained on SUICIDE Prevention b/c of my job as a "Chaplain's Assistant" - I was the one when I was in the military that people were to come to if they were having these thoughts...and sadly...I had them myself at times! Luckily, I never went through with anything. As you can see, I am typing this! :-)  I just went through a rough period where, I thought about it a lot. I do not think that way, at all anymore. Thank GOD for deliverance from those negative thoughts!!!! :-)

This is my book from the training I received...I still have it!

Me b/c of my PRIDE and who I am. I NEVER seeked help from anyone...ever...THANK GOODNESS GOD, had his hand on me and changed my mindset!! However, people did come to me for help...and I did help them. In the military, they were a few that didn't seek help...and committed suicide, when I was stationed in South Korea.

So, I say to you. Even if a person looks like they got it all together...and you feel something in your spirit that you should reach out to them...even if it's just to get a cup of tea/ so!! That lil trip to the cafe, may just be a lifesaver! If you feel you should call them, do so! A lot of times, when young people feel this way it's b/c they feel they have no friends...and no one really cares about them.

When older people, feels this could mean the lack of friends too but it typically most times deal with something deeper. Nowadays, people are getting incurable diseases...and that also, may push them over. 

So, REACH OUT and be supportive! Don't make fun of someone, when they come to you about it either, that might just push them over the edge quicker! 

Be a LIFE SAVER, ENCOURAGE and LOOK FOR SIGNS & HELP point them in the right direction!

Need help? In the U.S., call  at  1-800-273-8255
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