Married Pastor Arrested After Allegedly Passing HIV To Women in His Church

This was HOT, so even though I already have a couple post, scheduled to post....I saw this and I figured I would add another one!! Wouldn't hurt!!!

THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE!!!!! Plus, another reason...I CAN WAIT until marriage to have sex!

You cannot trust people these days to be straight up with you about their HEALTH & if they MARRIED or not - MEN or WOMEN it makes no difference! Don't matter what you cannot trust everyone. SO BE CAREFUL in these streets!!!

& BE UP FRONT about your Sexual Health...before engaging in such activities! Go get tested together and
wait until AFTER you get the results back to engage in such activities - if you must & use protection!!

Diseases are EVERYWHERE and is not Prejudice at all!!! 
Don't think it can't happen to you! IT CAN darling, it can!! 

Please note that this is not to bring the church is to educate you - that you can't be silly and trust everybody...EVIL exist out here (everywhere)....I don't care where you met the person  - you gotta be careful and use precautions! 

STILL GO TO CHURCH and GET a RELATIONSHIP with JESUS CHRIST & Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you! It may take some time...but it's SOOOO WORTH it!

"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life." Galatians 6:7-8

This is an excerpt from this article:

Married Pastor Arrested After Allegedly Passing HIV To Women in His Church

[Men like Pastor Davis are allowed to prey on unsuspecting women for at least three reasons:

1) Many women value style over substance – if you look good, then you must be good. I am amazed at how superficial traits are valued more than more meaningful factors, like the content of a man’s character. Mind you, men make the same mistake, since they falsely believe that when a pretty girl offers you sex, you’re supposed to take it.

2) Many women falsely believe that men who go to church are better than men who don’t. Bishop Eddie Long should help you to know better than that. Unfortunately, people consider each case of a pastor doing dirt to be an exception to the rule, without realizing that there are men like Davis all over the country. Davis is not the man you need to fear; actually, you need to fear all the Craig Davises that you still don’t know about.

3) Many women don’t ask questions and will gladly sleep with a handsome playboy without checking and confirming his STD status. If he doesn’t mention the other women he slept with before he came to her house, it’s as if those women don’t even exist. Even worse is that the fixation on HIV leads us to forget about how many women have had their wombs corrupted from all the other STDs that you can get besides HIV. Many people will brag about having a negative HIV test, but won’t get a full STD screening from the doctor – a researcher in Philadelphia told me that he randomly tested 20 men in an inner city barbershop and found that over half of them had Chlamydia.

What’s the result of the aforementioned factors all coming together, conjoined with intense denial in the black church and a commercialized hip-hop culture where both men and women glorify female degradation and irresponsible hyper-sexuality?  An HIV explosion like you would not believe.  So, every time you hear about folks going from one short relationship to the next or the man with five babies with four different women, just remember that, while all this is happening, viruses, germs and bacteria are being shared with every romantic interaction.  Even worse, because the men aren’t getting their reality checks from the doctor, it’s all “out of sight, out of mind” as fancy clothes, exciting parties and bottles of Chirac cover up the epidemic occurring behind closed doors.

Take a note from the lessons of these women and realize that another Pastor Davis likely lives in your own community.  But also note that the Pastor Davis-types of the world are allowed to do their dirty work because all of us continue to empower and excuse the devilish snakes in the pulpit.  A person can do all the evil he wants in the world, and as long as he asks for God’s forgiveness in public (providing no further confirmation that his behavior has changed), we invite him right back into the church and pretend like it never happened.]