Mommy, Where are You?

Women......what's going on? 

I am seeing a lot lately...women losing custody of their kids, women leaving their kids (abandoning them)...what is going on Mothers!? Is being popular and doing whatever, more important than taking care of your children? 

Most of these women lately...are just abandoning their children for all sorts of reasons and/or losing custody b/c they want to be out and about partying/socializing, want to hook up with a guy and he doesn't want kids or just plain selfish.

Is the men more important? Are you that selfish? What is going on? 

I have a friend...who has joint custody with the mother of his children and he has the children practically every day. I mean what are you so busy doing, that you cannot spend time or take care of your children 2-3 days a week? Really!

I have some other friends/acquaintances that just flat out has full custody. I mean what is going on? Thank GOD these MEN are stepping up and taking care of their children and not letting them fall into the system...but my GOD Ladies! 

Children need their mom's in their lives, just as much, as they need their fathers! 

My childhood,

I remember, when I didn't live with my mom, when I was smaller (off and on until about 7.5yrs old) affected me. I thought, she didn't want me or my brothers. She visited in stuff but it wasn't the same. When we did move in with her permanently it was because of some things that had it was like either she take us...or we go to the state or family. 

So, luckily she took us....but I would wonder if those things hadn't happened....would she have just left us behind? Growing up, my mother and I didn't really get along...and now I realize that's probably why...b/c I felt abandoned by her as a child. Like she didn't want me, I'm only here b/c she wants her child support check. (These were my thoughts.)

When she got married....all of my siblings were in her wedding...but me I refused to be apart of it. My Grandpa, asked me why...I told him, I just didn't want to be apart of it. I really didn't know the reason...all I knew was I did not want to be apart of it. Crazy thing is...I'm just now realizing why we didn't get along growing up. 

Growing up, I would always say to myself...I will never be like my mother. She is my role model of what not to be. Do you hear the resentment, bitterness and anger! WOW

I know now that deep down, my mom has a good heart. My mom, loves helping people. She really has helped me out a lot with my child...perhaps it's payback from before who knows...but she tries to do what she can nowadays to help out when she can. 

As an adult, I've learned to accept my mother and people for who they are..."for they know not what they do"  'Luke 23:34' and this is what keeps me at PEACE!

If she never came back, to get me or my brothers...there would have definitely been a void!

In fact, b/c of my not good relationship with my caused me to rebel and have a don't care attitude towards some things in life. It really affected me, in a lot of areas. I have had so many situations in life....where most people would go to their mom first. Not me, I almost never went to her first - if at all - b/c of our relationship. I would Pray mostly AND if it was serious stuff where I needed to talk to somebody, I would go to my friend's mom, my Grandpa or friends.

Mother's play a very important role in their children's lives. 

So, I say this to you MOTHERS - get yourselves together and be apart of your children's lives. Do not leave your children behind to go chasing after some man, friends, dream or whatever...once you have children they come first! Your children need YOU. Re-evaluate your dreams and plans, so that they include your children. Don't leave them.

Obviously, if you have some psychological or alcohol/drug issues you need help and in that case - you may need to be apart from your child(ren), while you get yourself together. In that scenario, you need to sit your family down and explain that you need help...and Get it together! Seek some counseling, if you have an addiction GET HELP immediately! DO NOT BE AFRAID to reach out for help! 

GET it TOGETHER and raise your babies or at least be apart of their lives on a regular basis!! They need their 'MOTHERS'!!