WOW! YOU GO to CHURCH!?!?!?!

WOW ~ YOU go to CHURCH!!! Have anyone ever said that to you? I hope not! LOL

People will say that to someone. Whom live a life that is not Godly in their eyes in some shape or form. May it be they drink alcohol, party a lot, smoke, lie, hurt others, don't take care of their kids/family, live a life that is not pleasing to others, etc. They say that after seeing things that this particular individual does or say, that they don't believe a person who goes to church should behave.

BUT TRUST AND BELIEVE - EVERYONE is allowed to go to church and they do! Yes, their actions should change because they should be learning that it's not right to treat people a certain way or behave in a certain manner, etc. However, that is not always the case! We all have our OWN struggles!

They are a lot of people who are just church goers and go because it's the thing to do. It's routine. They've been doing it for years. It's something you are suppose to be doing in their mind....yet gaining nothing from the word that's being spoken to them. Or they may even be in a place of worship, that the leaders themselves are corrupted. You have plenty of places like is very sad BUT it is the TRUTH.

Then you have, what we call BABY Christians! Meaning they have accepted Christ as their Saviour but have not grown in their walk with Christ and in their Faith! They haven't matured. The sad thing is some Christians stay a baby for years - they don't Grow in their Faith!

Baby Christians just as well as all Christians need love, teaching, leadership, and encouragement the same as newborn infants. An infant will fail to thrive without the nurturing attendance of his/her parent. The same goes for a baby Christian. They need MATURE Christian Leaders, to help guide them. Just like in life...if your parents aren't doing the things they should be doing to raise you will do what you were taught and what you saw, the same goes for Christians. That's why it is vital to be under the right teaching.

Also, why it's important if you have taken a position as a Christian Leader for you to be one with GOD; as much as possible. People look up to you and are watching your every move! When a Leader is slipping and not walking the walk like they can cause the ones under their leadership to crumble and fall to pieces if they are not strong in their FAITH! It will turn others away and not want to go to church.

People tend to put CHURCH people in a category. They believe all church people should be SAINTS! Which is sooo far from the truth. Church people are HUMAN and they sin just like everyone else. 

So, don't be like OMG!!! I can't believe so and so did that. Believe it (don't be blinded)...and then if you are under wrong leadership - get from underneath it. If you are going somewhere, where you know they practice and do wrong things...remove yourself! Pray of course, but don't stay under the wrong leadership! 

"by their fruit you will recognize them" Matthew 7:20

As you have seen in the news of some of our Chrisitan leaders...are not good at all. So, you have to KNOW them by their fruit. You should pray to GOD to give you discernment about where you should go when looking for a Church home. Also, use COMMON sense! A lot of people seem to lack that these days! GOOD common sense will take you FAR & save you a lot of pain! 

From my experience, in life... Lots of people in the church, have disappointed me in so many different ways BUT I never let that deter my walk! I have seen some leaders do & say things that are not pleasing to my eyes/ears and I think is wrong... and I would say something. Yes, I say something and it normally turns into an argument of me judging them, etc. I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind...rather it is a friend or family member! I have since learned when to say something and when not...and I just distance myself from these individuals by not going to them for spiritual guidance anymore...AND I just PRAY for them on a daily basis!

So, when you see people doing wrong things. The best thing you can do for them is PRAY for them AND do not let that stop you from doing RIGHT and definitely do not let it STOP YOUR walk with Christ. Then you will just be falling prey to the enemy! We don't want that!