Give ME a MOMENT!!

Are you stressed out!? Having Panic Attacks!? 

That's life for you BUT Relax, Breath & SMILE!! It gets better TRUST ME it does! My life isn't where I would like for it to be but it is BETTER than what it use to be! :-)

I remember, when I was in High School working at Publix (Grocery Store). This woman was purchasing groceries and she was all stressed out. She had two kids with her....and while I bagged her groceries - she looked bothered. So, I offer to walk her to her car and she just literally started crying and telling me her life problems. She had a MOMENT! Life was HARD for her, for some reason. I don't remember what all it was, that she was saying. All I remember was SHE needed a moment! So, I gave her a moment to herself. I put her children in their carseats and put her groceries into her car for her...and just gave her a moment to get herself together. She really appreciated that, she gave me a hug and said Thank you! I'll never forget that day!

Sometimes, life can be VERY hectic - TRUST me I know!  Just remember to take a MOMENT to get yourself together and KEEP it moving. TRUST GOD and He will get your through your darkest moments!
GOD says: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 NIV << He will NEVER leave you! Stand on that scripture, when you are going through! It will help you - knowing that He will always be with you! :-)