I'm READY to go SHOPPING!!!!!!!!! =) NYFW

JHud @ MBFW Spring 2013
So far, I am loving a lot of the designs that I am seeing on the runway! Some more than others! :-)) I'm loving these designs so much I'm ready to go shopping - for a whole new wardrobe! It's even motivating me to work out even more! LOL *Which is good...b/c it's been hard getting back in the flow like I need to since some things happened this summer.*

Anyhow, there were lots of LACE, bold colors, sheer fabric, silk, leather, metallic, textures, nice graphics! I loved the variety of pieces that were showcased from the various designers! I literally had like a FASHION orgasm when I saw this pants from the Chado Ralph Rucci collection! When I get a pic! I'll post it! I love those pants! OMG!!! The accessories shoes and purses were hot as well - with each show - they were tons of varieties...so there is something for EVERYONE!

Shout-out to all the models! Some struggled walking in their shoes and I only saw one wardrobe malfunction! I hope you MODELS out there stay encouraged and keep at your profession! No matter what people say - keep your head up and do what you love! :-)

From watching the runway. You can see that some designers spent A LOT more time on their collection - than others! Due to the attention to details, fabric, textures, etc. It's been truly inspirational and a great experience to be able to see via online - THANKS to TECHNOLOGY!!! ;-) So, AWESOME!!!!

One thing, I have seen from having technology it's very important - to have a presence online with a website, a twitter acct, a facebook acct, etc. So, Merchandiser's has somewhere to go to find you the Designer - to see about selling your merchandise in their stores! Plus, consumers who like/love your brand can keep up with your collections!

Ah, very lovely to be able to witness the shows! Maybe, next year I will actually be in attendance in the crowd in New York! :-)

I will post pictures from the Spring 2013 collection of several designers - this week. So, be on the look out for them!

~ Enjoy ~ xoxo