It's FRIDAY!!!!

I'm excited that it is FRIDAY!!! :-)

My weekends aren't typically filled with fun-filled events....I'm always working - to make for a better life. Sacrifices! I do spend quality time with my kiddo!! Family time is VERY important!

One day though, all of my hard work will pay off and until that day comes... I will work as much as I can using the skills that I have and taking breaks - when possible. While you are young it's best to work as hard as you can. So, as you get older - you won't have to work AS hard. The older one gets, the less things they can typically do in most cases.

So, my motto is work hard while I got the energy! As long as I know when to take a break - when I need to. It is very important to take breaks.

In all things, if its in GOD's will for you to do and have. He will give you the STRENGTH and COURAGE it takes to succeed! HE will direct your footsteps! :-)

BE BLESSED & ENjoy your weekend. Hoping to have some Fashion blogs in the new week. Pictures from recent shows in London & Milan! Take care! xoxo