Living In Faith Everyday

My LIFE is constantly changing before my eyes!! Every SINGLE day! Which is very good!! I'm GROWING up!!! :-)

I am walking into GREATNESS! :-) I still face challenges EVERY single day. The story of my life  BUT I'm learning how to better handle things. I'm living in FAITH everyday! I still get frustrated sometimes BUT very lil these days. I'm more content with a lot of things; the frustration may last for a few mins and then it's gone. That's how much I HAVE GROWN! :-)

The other day, I had court for a traffic ticket. In while, in the court room this guy asked to borrow a pen. I lend him my pen...and when he gave it back to me. He attached a note and it said: "The father said that He loves you dearly and that all will be well with you! So, relax!"  I was like WOW! Really, needed that!~ 

The note....

That definitely calmed my spirit and both of our cases were DISMISSED! Thank GOD b/c like literally hearing what other people were having to pay....I was like my goodness - what is my fine!? Getting worried BUT Thank GOD he took care of it and no worries for me! None! :-) Our GOD is AWESOME, like that! 

This man, who happened to be a Minister - spoke with me afterwards - and told me so many different things. He said, he could see the Spirit of the LORD all over me! He also, said things that other Ministers/Pastors had said to me in the past...and he also said things - about what I was doing in my walk right now...and how I would be a discipler for CHRIST! The craziest thing is the ways he said I would be a Discipler for CHRIST were things I am actually doing already...to encourage and spread the gospel. I was like WOW this man knew me from nowhere! The only way he would know these things about me is b/c FATHER said these things to him of me! I was in awe! Like WOW! 

I wrote in my journal, everything he said to me! Prayed about it. I shared what he shared with me, with a friend...and he was like umm how old was he!? Thinking maybe he was trying to hit on me. Never once though, he made sure to keep on task what he had to say to me. My friend, encouarged me to pray about it. He also said, you don't get that much these days - people being BOLD like that...which is TRUE! CHRIST wants us to be BOLD & COURAGEOUS! 

So, today at church my Pastor confirmed what that Minister said to me through his Sunday message! I was like WOW! So, after service I texted my friend and told him this and he was just as excited as I was! :-) It's good to get confirmation! It's also, good to have someone in your corner who understands - SPIRITUAL things! [Reasons, I can't just settle for any guy!]

Everything in regards to that ticket and me going to court...is super like OMG! I got that ticket the day before my Grandpa died....when my grandpa died - I read 2 Timothy for encouragement and 2 Timothy - is the last letter Paul an Apostle, wrote for Timothy as instructions of what he should do after he passes....when you get a chance read  2 Timothy the entire book! 

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called...
1 Timothy 6:12

So, to me that was like my last letter from my Grandpa - as to what I should be doing in my life now that he's gone. My Grandpa, was a Pastor AND here I am going to court and meeting this MINISTER and only OUR cases were dismissed. Just connect the dots! I got that ticket, to get that message!!

You can look at it - however, you want but I know GOD is ministering to me....through others. It's my job, TO OBEY and do what he asks.

So, that means: I will lose friendships, doors will close and open AND I am perfectly fine with it all! There is a price you pay! I'm ready to pay the price! When I look back at my life...and see how things have happened for me...he's been prepping me for it all. So, I just need to walk in it and not look back...and obey him! 

I've been getting a lot of confirmation & FAVOR lately. I'm in awe of it all BUT it helps me to know I'm going in the right direction!

Favor ain't Fair! GOD's GRACE & MERCY is  AMAZING!