Multi-talented Anyone!?!?!

I've come to realize over the last few weeks...that I am a BIG multi-tasker! Which is a TALENT! Not many are able to do more than one thing at a time. I can do many things at one time & do them well I might add. ;-) However, I realized - Coasta will not get a chance to breathe if she keeps piling things on her plate. Yes, she may be capable BUT that doesn't mean she should do everything! That's why they are billions of people on EARTH. All of us are here for a purpose and not for one person to do everything.

My wake up call - when I realized I needed to slow down on what all I am doing - is when I wake up in the middle of the night - in front of my laptop. Yeah, falling asleep with the laptop and documents still open on my bed and/or reading a book -- and with the room light still on (I do not sleep with a light on)! Yeah, NOT GOOD!

I'm just tired! As a mom, one learn to do so many different things at a time but oh man it can be exhausting! One of my friends asked me recently: Coasta when do you relax and do nothing!? I replied, when I'm asleep! :-) The moment, I am awake it's over! I got lots to do !!! So, my friends have nicknamed me "Superwoman" - I make some of them tired after telling of what all I did in one day! LOL

With all of that - I am realizing, I just need to slow wayyyyyy down! I am only ONE person. GOD didn't put me here to do everything all by myself. I gotta increase my NO's!! I also realized, if I continue helping others out with their businesses and not spend enough time doing things I love or want to do... I will never get to where I hope to be. So, I really need to get a lil selfish and put WAYYY more time into me - b/c if I don't  - who will!?!?! I gotta be my biggest SUPPORTER!

This song by JHud - speaks of how I feel in reference - to just always doing things for other people - b/c I just didn't see myself as important as them 'I suppose'...but I deserve to have a life and do things I want to do - just like everyone else. So, I am invisible for the last time! Time to start really putting into ME!