My Weight Loss

So....people have asked me "Have you lost weight!?"


In the pics you see the difference in face and bossoms lol

I try not to keep a tab on the pounds....because that is so depressing!! LOL Seriously! When I was in the military OMG - they would weigh me EVERY week...seemed like EVERY day! They weighed me, checked my body fat and everything....and I would fail. Do you know how humiliating that have done EVERY week and FAIL! I started to get very sad about not seeing any progress in my weight...despite me working out like morning, noon and night "LITERALLY" - I worked out a lot and I was not losing weight like they expected or even like I expected too. They were like...we know you are working out...but we just don't understand why you are not losing weight. I was not a heavy eater at fact...I'd be good if I ate even one meal a day!

They ran tests on me at the time, to make sure it was nothing wrong with me...that was preventing me from losing weight. Nothing was found! They had me see a Nutritionist and everything. They put me on a diet and a workout schedule - which required me to work out morning, noon and night. The diet consisted of eating 5 small meals a day. I STRUGGLED with that....that was HARD for me to do. In fact, it's still HARD for me to do! The only way I have been successful in eating that many meals a day - is to have a schedule. Like literally an alarm and schedule to tell me to eat. I can get so caught up in my day. I will literally forget to eat.

I remember one time. I was hungry and I went to heat up some left overs...and like I totally forgot about the food. Like seriously forgot about it. I didn't remember until like a day later, when I opened the microwave and saw the food in there...yeah that's how bad I am. So, I never really had a problem of eating TOO much food. My problem is eating TOO less food and eating the WRONG types of food!

So, YES I have lost weight recently. I haven't gotten all excited about it b/c I have not reached my goal. However, I am happy with my progress and it pushes me to keep going, no matter how long it takes! My goal is to fit in this 2 piece skirt suit I have that I was able to wear before being pregnant. I don't want to hear it's not possible b/c ALL THINGS are possible!

I do have a thyroid condition these days, I was diagnosed with it 6yrs ago. My Thyroid doctor told me that once I started taking the thyroid medication. I would start to see results and see the weight come off. That was a lie! LOL ~ I love my doctor though BUT that did not happen to me! My body is SUPER weird and not like your average person! What works for others DOES NOT work for me!

So, over the last year - I have been learning more and more about my body and what does work. I have done a lot of research as well. I realized my body was not digesting food properly and it was storing food b/c of my lack of eating! So, I started taking a lot of different vitamins, to help my body function properly.

I cut out canned goods & processed foods as much as possible. I do not buy frozen dinners! I try to eat a lot more FRESH fruits and veggies, drink lots of water, cook in canola or olive oil, stir-fry and bake meats, cut out fried foods (only on occasion), etc.  Meats I typically eat: chicken, turkey and seafood. I buy the ones that does not have hormones and all that extra stuff added (so they say). I try to purchase everything fresh and organic if possible. I don't eat a lot of junk foods or sweets (never did). I eat wheat pasta, brown rice - less rice than before. Never was big on pasta.

By changing, the types of food and how I cook my food. I am actually starting to see results and I am sick a lot less!!! Which is SO AWESOME b/c who likes to be sick!? So, I will continue to work out and eat BETTER and soon I hope to see even more results - in my clothing and HEALTH! Overall, my health is good - only thing that ails me these days are my allergies but even that is not as bad as it use to be! It's GREATLY improved! Thank GOD b/c I HATE ALLERGIES!

SO, if you are trying to lose weight....don't give up!! For some it's easy and for others it's not - you have to learn your body and what are the RIGHT type of foods you should be eating & EXERCISE, etc.

Here is a picture of some foods I eat and purchase: