Things Random Guys say....

Things guys say and do: 

Guy #1: You should be willing to have sex within your relationship and then you will get married... 

If #1 was true. Then the marriage rate would be SUPER HIGH!!! Don't fall for that crap! 

Guy #2: A woman has 3 choices in this world: Be Single, be a Lesbian or share a man!

#2 I choose option no. 4 Alex -being patient and waiting on the MAN that GOD has for me! Build up your self-esteem and wait on your Mr. Right! You do not have to settle for what they say...that's his way to have his way with you! Poof be gone Mr. Wrong! You DESERVE and will have a MAN of your very own - just be patient, TRUST GOD & have FAITH! Be aware of their Scare Tactics! 

Guy #3: Curses, talks about popping bottles at the Bar & a party animal...but wants a GOOD Christian woman...

#3 - Yeah, be who you would like to have...if you do all these things - expect to be with someone of the sort! A GOOD Christian woman, does not want a man who is not after God's heart! She wants someone who is  a GOOD Christian MAN! Who will support and encourage her in her walk with Christ...not someone who will cause her to stumble in her relationship with Christ.

Guy #4: Be with someone for 10 years and still don't know, if they should get married. 

#4 - It does not take 10 yrs, to know if you want to marry someone. When you are TRULY READY to get married & do things God's way  - you will know, when you should get married. Waiting 10 yrs is an excuse to live in sin for many....and an excuse to be FREE from commitment and do whatever you feel - if you so desire. Not saying all men do that...but in ALL honesty - when you are TRULY ready to get married - it DOES NOT take you 10 yrs to know, if they are the one for you! YOU WILL KNOW! Stop wasting people's time! 

Yeah, these guys get the BLANK STARE! Get out of my face with that Nonsense!!!!