A Need for Brokenness

Good Morning! So, I am a little behind...with my postings! So, much stuff keeping me busy!!

Here is a Devotional, I received from Joyce Meyer's Ministry...very uplifting!

A Need for Brokenness

The word brokenness may strike fear in some people, but it's really not a bad word. God doesn't desire to break our spirits, but He wants to break that outer shell, the flesh that prevents Him from being all He wants to be in and through us. He wants to break off things like pride, rebellion, selfishness and independence. God wants us to be totally dependent on Him, and suffering seems to bring us to that point.

Sometimes people seem surprised that they must go through a time of trial or suffering. Perhaps they've been faithful to learn and obey the Word, and the trials still come. Sometimes trials come simply to test and purify our faith.

When these trials come your way, embrace them, because they lead to real, true brokenness. God wants us to live by the Spirit, not the flesh, and this is so much easier when we allow Him to break off our lives any sinful or selfish habit or trait that would keep us from Him.

Do you want to be close to God today? Then embrace brokenness, knowing that it will lead to greater things in your future.

I hope that this encouraged you like it did moi! :-)

Be blessed all!!