Blog Schedule

Well, I've decided to talk about certain topics on certain keep things fresh here!

Some days, I'm not sure what to write about....I do a lot of postings via FACEBOOK. You can subscribe to my status updates there - it's open to the public. When I complete my Business Facebook Fan page - I will post information here - so you can be sure to LIKE and keep up! 

A lot has been going on, in my world. Nothing new! LOL I've been doing things...but not working as hard as I should be...processing a lot of stuff right now. Big changes will be taking place soon. So, just getting all in order!

So, starting next week...I will do a posting on certain topics Monday - Friday. I will leave the weekend free to not post or to post whatever, I feel in my spirit.

Of course, I will give myself the liberty to post whatever whenever BUT I wanted to create a system here in some encourage people in different areas. So, I need structure! :-)

Monday's Topic will be on: Entrepreneurship (Business tips) 

Tuesday's Topic will be on:  Fitness/Health/Eating Right

Wednesday's Topic will be on:  Fashion/Beauty

Thursday's Topic will be on: Travel/Entertainment/Family Fun

Friday's Topic will be on:  Encouragement