FALL 2012 Hair & Makeup Fashion Trends

One thing about FASHION and TRENDS! I don't care to keep up with them. I like to do my own thing! I am my own person! :-) A lot of stuff that's in fashion or trending....I just don't like! So, I stick to what I like!

When it comes to clothing and makeup. Stick to what makes you feel good about yourself when wearing and what's appropriate for where you are going...for example: work, church, school, park, shopping, formal event, beach, traveling, etc.

FALL 2012 Fashion Trends: Hair & Make up

Retro Bouffants

Geometric Eyeliner
Squeaky cleaned Strains Look! This look is workable!
Color-blocked Eyelids

Sketched Eyelashes - cute!
Windswept Hair - this style for me would be for the PARK!
Fabric, metallic spikes...Very Different!
Bold Appliques
Bold Appliques
Hair Ornaments
Braids, Buns, Twists
Bouffants...I might try this one! ;-)