Fall Break :-)

GOD is my driver, so I am going where He leads me.  

Well, my lil guy is on FALL Break this week....and although he's away...this morning - I've decided to take a FALL BREAK myself!

MY plans keep changing and I made a decision yesterday to withdraw myself from something I was working on. Maybe in the future, I will work it out..maybe not...but it's just been a hindrance to me these last several years. So, I feel like it's time to give it a rest. We have to know when to quit certain things and when to KEEP Pushing...this here is time to quit - no FRUITS - just wasted time, energy and money! I did learn many things - so it wasn't a complete waste. Everything happens for a reason.

So, since my lil guy is on break and since I no longer have this particular thing to do. It will allow me a lil extra time. So, I need to revise my schedule this week. Make it more effective for the things that I will continue to do and will allow me more time to press into other things, that I am working on.

Plus, today I'm feeling a lil under the weather and they are starting renovations in my office today. So, I need to rest and take care of myself.

~ Coasta Genise