I'm back Rejuvenated & Refreshed

Hello!! Happy Monday!!! :-) 

So, although - I broke my 'Fall Break' to do a posting! LOL - all the rudeness was bugging me! I want Christians to start acting like Christians and stop all this disrespectful nonsense! It does not display a Model of GOD in a good way - to the unbelievers! Take your stance but do it respectfully!

I'm glad I took the week off in some aspects. Give my mind a rest. I actually had some more free time but I spent most of it last week not feeling well - do to office renovations. I wore my lil mask but it just wasn't enough! However, I am doing much better today! I also attended meetings and knocked out things I needed to get done last week! Learned quite a bit, from my interaction with others!

My life has been changing and changing! Not having certain things to do anymore has been GREAT though! It really gives me more time to work on other things! Which is AWESOME!

I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! :-) I even baked some muffins! Hadn't baked any cake or anything of that sort since summer...

Fall shaped Blueberry Muffins
My lil guy and I put together a new schedule for us! :-) It's so weird and great all at the same time, to have your lil ones, voice their opinion. You just look at them and be like...man your not so lil anymore! You have thoughts and opinions too! Gotta keep them involved, that's how they learn! So, they know how to handle things as they grow older! They learn by what they are taught! My lil guy is learning a lot - so much so....one day I found myself saying "Man, I quit" ~ My lil guy responded "Mommy, you can't quit - you have to keep trying - that's what you tell me!" It just made me smile, to know he's paying attention!

My lil guy - 6yrs old