Keeping up with Schedules

I know I keep saying I'm going to get back on board and do more postings, etc.

BUT these postings take time to construct....and lately...I just feel I need to encourage people more than anything.

No matter how I plan my schedule. If someone needs me and it is put in my spirit to help them. I have to make myself available. Lots of people need help right now. It's just so see SO MANY people hurting right now.

I hope that whatever I say online via my blogs,  facebook, twitter, instagram, email, texting and/or by speaking directly to people on phone or face to face. I hope that it really has helped people.

Tonight, I'm going to just put off everything I had on my agenda to do and just pray for people.

My heart really aches right now for the people.

I'm going to go PRAY!

Thank you all for your continual support in reading my blogs! I do appreciate YOU!