Single Parent Stress $$$

As a single parent, life gets very stressful at times. Especially, if you work. You wonder if you are spending enough time with your child(ren), if they young (baby) will I hear their first words, will I see their first footsteps? Do I need to take on another job, to make ends meet!?

I mean as a parent period! It can be stressful but as a Single Parent. One who is literally doing everything on their own. It can be quite challenging and the biggest stress in that is: How am I going to Pay these bills? Take care of my child?

All types of opportunities are out there, that are not right? It is in those times, when we don't know what else to do - that we MUST completely rely on GOD to supply our needs!

My kid is 6 and I've been a Single Parent his whole life. Even the brief time I was married - nothing changed in that area. I still did EVERYTHING for my child. My husband was also not, can you imagine the stress! 

Before, I was married. I was always helping family members & friends out, which added additional stress. Then they were the times when I had these no good boyfriends....that when we went out....Who financed these outings!? Me ~ I know SHOCKING & CRAZY!

They were times, when escorting looked like a good thing to do BUT my conscience did not approve! So, that never happened. There was a time, when I had these Narcotics Pain medicine - prescribed by my doctor for some type of pain...and I had leftovers and my boyfriend at the time was trying to get me to sell them for extra money. I refused! It only takes one time to do something and then you are hook!

So, through out all the temptations life has thrown my way! I have not given in to the illegal and wrong things to make money. Yes, it is NOT easy BUT doing right means you will be able to sleep at night and not feel guilty for doing something - you know you shouldn't have!

Recently, I have been given opportunities to earn some extra money. At first, it all sounded good and they are legitimate business opportunities, etc. However, I am learning more and more to lean on GOD and SEEK HIM FIRST in all I do. So, with that being said...I had to turn down those opportunities...b/c my spirit just did not agree! I'm learning that when you ask GOD, you just may not like His response or even understand it...BUT He is GOD and He knows best! He knows the plans, He has for our lives! We don't!
So, in those earlier years, when I didn't realize I was trusting Him. I just knew, there wasn't anything I could do legally about my situation AND I couldn't stress over the matter. It was out of my control. I just hanged in there and hoped a miracle would happen. I had to make sacrifices and go without certain things and I still go without - believe me they are tons of things, I would like to have...BUT when you become a parent - YOU have to make sacrifices! Take care of the kid or buy these new shoes!?!?  Pay the bills or take a trip!? Parents, have to make sacrifices!!

Just remember: GOD will always be there, when we call upon Him and He will take care of us, like a GOOD Father would! He is all we need to get by! He holds the KEY to our Future. He is OUR PROVIDER!

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.   
Philippians 4:19

Watch this video! Very Encouraging!! GOD has a PLAN for YOU!