Why do you Share Everything!?!?

Some people like to ask: Why do you share everything or so much about your life with people?

Well, the answer to that is: I do it when I feel it necessary to help someone b/c people relate to you more, when they know what you've been through and if you had an experience similar to them. Then they will feel you get them, you understand their struggle! So, the more people know about you, the better, they are about believing and trusting you when you say something to them.

I've been a victim of so many things: physical abuse as a minor, molested as a minor, raped, verbal and emotionally abuse by a lover and the list goes on! I've been hurt by mostly men, my whole life! Someone said to me it's amazing you still want a man in your life and you are not bitter. Trust me: It's all GOD!

I choose NOT to be a VICTIM! You can be a victim of your circumstances and sit and be miserable or you can use those things that happened to you and be VICTORIOUS!

My life would be a wreck if it had not been for the LORD to bring me through each and every situation, I have encountered!

The craziest thing to many people is...I don't hate these men. I still even have to interact with a few of them.
I just forgave them for the things they have done. I have not forgotten and I probably will never forget BUT I have forgiven them! You too can FORGIVE someone who has hurt you. You don't have to do everyday life with them...BUT do forgive them. So, you can move forward with your life!

So, I share to help others get through their situations! Don't be a victim all your life, by being miserable! The enemy comes to steal, kill & destroy BUT GOD came so that we may have LIFE and have it full! Don't let people limit your destiny, by their actions towards you! You gotta KEEP it moving, knowing that GOD loves you and will help you each and every day. If you allow Him too, by casting your cares on Him! Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall!

I am a living witness! ;-)