Business Tips: Be Prepared in the Event of a Natural Disaster

Monday Biz Tips

Just like you have a plan to start a business. You need a plan in place incase of a disaster. Make sure your bases are covered.  Just like you need Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Renter's Insurance, etc. When you own a Business, you have to make sure you have INSURANCE for your business! Especially, in the event of a natural disaster. When you have lessens the impact of the disaster and it allows you the opportunity to re-open your business quickly.

Here is a link to go to get a Business Plan for in the event of an emergency to plan for and PROTECT your business:

Business Continuity Plan: Developing a plan is vital, to protect your employees, to lessen the financial impact of disasters, and re-open your business quickly.

Business Life Cycle:  The needs of your business and the products and services you might want, can change throughout the Business cycle from:  Start Up, Growth Stage, Maturity Stage to Transfer Stage. This information is provided by State Farm Insurance.

Disaster Assistance: Loans, FEMA, Tax Relief, Employment Assistance info...

Emergency Response Plan