Customer Service - Business Tips

GOOD Customer Service goes a long wayyyyy!!

When you are small business owner. You may wear a lot of hats, meaning you are doing a lot on your own. You don't have much help. Even in those times, you have to ensure you are treating your customers with the respect they deserve.

You may not want a huge company. You may just want to stay local and small. Despite, how big you want your company to grow. You NEED customers, right? So, if you expect, your company to grow in any form you must TREAT them RIGHT!

Your MAIN job is to service your customers needs and provide good quality products/services to them! You can only do that if you know what they want. When you truly listen to your customers, they will let you know, what they want and how you can provide for their needs.

Make customers feel important and appreciated! Thank them, for doing business with you. Help customers understand your Company policies. So, they know what to expect from you. Accept responsibility, when you have messed up. Know how to apologize! Give more than expected. I'm not saying give them BIG discounts b/c then you will probably not see much profit in return. BUT provide them with better service as in treatment. Make them feel SUPER SPECIAL, then they will want to come back AND tell their friends about your business! Creating more business for your company! That's FREE Advertising!

Get FEEDBACK from your customers on a regular basis. To know how you are you can improve your services and/or products!

Never forget that the customer pays YOUR salary and makes your business possible. So, they deserve to be treated with RESPECT!