Go Walking - Health Tip

Walking! How many of you like to go for a walk!?

It can be scary at first. I know that sounds crazy but it can be for many folks for many different reasons.

As a mother, when you have a baby; you can’t wait for them to start walking. So, you don’t have to carry them everywhere! LOL  - Even for them, it’s scary in the beginning – b/c they don’t know what to expect. Then when they get use to it. They are ecstatic! 

My lil guy, when he first started walking!

Walking has so many Health benefits AND it’s so easy to do. Everybody can do it!

Ways to start walking.

Park a little farther from the doors at the store, well unless it’s raining!  

Take the stairs instead of the elevator! Well, unless you have on some heels! 

Okay, let’s get serious! As you can see, people will find an excuse as to why they can’t do something. Don’t let that be you! 

Walking can help you:
  • Reduce your Health issues (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes)
  • Help you lose weight!
  • Put you in a better mood!
  • Helps you Stay strong and fit!
Walking is a great exercise because it's VERY simple to do. But you have to walk with purpose. You can’t be out there just walking like your taking a stroll with your friends. Walk upright, standing tall with good posture. Make sure you have on proper walking shoes! Sneakers, not no sandals, flip flops, heels, etc.

Wearing improper shoes, can cause additional Health problems for you. We are trying to reduce Health issues, not create them! 

Before you start walking. Plan your route. Determine how far, how many minutes you will be walking and how many days a week, etc. 

When you are ready to start: Take your MP3 player (iPod), to have something to motivate you while you’re walking. Bring cell phone, incase of an emergency. Bring water. Bring a stick or something, if you are outside and by yourself. For protection!

Before you begin your walk: Be sure to warm up your muscles & stretch. Now, get to walking! 

When you are about to end your walk. Walk slowly for about 5 minutes and do some stretches. Just b/c there isn’t much to do with walking, you still need to stretch those muscles!