Holiday's...Should u Celebrate!?

Growing up, we would put up decorations for just about EVERY Holiday! We would put stickers to go on the windows and door hangings - to the house, etc. Christmas would be when outside of the house and the yard would be decorated. As children, who wouldn't like decorating and putting up cute lil things?

As an adult, I didn't decorate my place every Holiday...BUT I would send out Holiday cards out to my friends every Holiday....b/c it was the thing to do in my mind. Over the last few years, I have slacked up on sending out cards every Holiday b/c of life and it's busyness. I don't have the time to keep up with it, like I use to.

One thing, I realized recently is many people celebrate Holiday's...not knowing the reason why they are celebrating it. They just celebrate it b/c it's the thing to do....everyone is doing it. I know, I didn't know the reason behind a lot of Holiday's growing up. It was just the thing to do and a time to have fun with family and friends.

As an adult, many start to do some research and realize that just b/c everyone is doing something; it doesn't necessarily mean its a good thing to do or celebrate. Do your research and make that decision yourself, for you and your family.

A lot of the Holiday's in the US...the reason they have become so BIG is b/c Entrepreneur's (Business Minded) people saw an opportunity to make money off of it. Creating products and things for people to do in connection with these Holidays - to make lots of money! AND guess what, it worked!

Over the years, people spend millions of dollars on things pertaining to certain Holidays! For those Entrepreneurs, this was definitely a great thing...and someone like myself who will have their own business. As, I continue to do my research and plan things out. I look at the Holidays...and I think about what products, should I carry to sell during those times....b/c people will be looking for them...and it will be a GREAT opportunity to capitalize on that time and making a good profit.

However, as a Growing spirit and I are battling if celebrating certain Holiday's is acceptable and if I should be promoting them, etc. AND as a Christian Business Owner, is it right for me to capitalize on these Holiday's and reap the benefits? I don't believe it is. If I feel in my spirit, not to do something...than I have to go with what my spirit has not fail me yet! No matter, how others will look at me or my company. As a believer, I have to ensure that I am doing as many things; through services and products, that will glorify GOD!

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