Friday's Encouraging Message!

The below Article can be found here...written by: Marshawn Evans. I just thought it was a GOOD ENCOURAGER for today!  

So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.  —Isaiah 55:11

I know you have a big calling in this world and I know you’ve heard God speaking to you. But there are still moments when you feel STUCK and UNCLEAR—unsure of what to do next. And it’s all part of the process of growth. When I feel stuck, here’s what I do…

1. Recognize the Incredible Power of This Time Right Now. The time of need (for information, mentoring, services, coaching, inspiration) is your greatest opportunity.  Greater need in the world equals greater income for you. (But only if you have the infrastructure, the business, the ability and the capacity to do that professionally.)

The time is NOW—there has never been a time like this for influencing and helping others make their dreams come true… I pinch myself at what an incredible blessing it is to be able to work, serve and prosper in this information economy. Think about it—would your mother or grandmother be dreaming what you’re dreaming?

2. Silence Little Me So I Can Listen To Big Me. Whenever I’m hearing my own Little ME voice telling me I can’t do something because of my age, my personality, my gender or whatever…. I remember that God speaks in cans and not in cant’s (even when Little Me is sounding extremely rational and believable.)
Little Me is only trying to hang on to her own survival because when Big Me shows up, Little Me knows that she is on the way out. Little Me is really threatened when she sees that you are going to be able to cross over to this promised place.

Want to step into your destiny? Get very honest, transparent and real about all the JUNK you think.

3. Become a Recession Rebel. This is a big one and, just a warning, it’s not easy. Because if you want to be a rebel, you have to change what you are doing and you have to go against what everybody else is doing. ME, I create my own economy—and teach my clients how to do the same. Believe me, the rebel is NOT thinking inside the box. Traditional education and traditional actions can only take you to a traditional place.

I like to say if you do the same things you’ve always done, you’ll stay in the place you’ve always been.  Is that really what you want?

4. Get Serious—This is Not a Game. Sure, you can keep playing with your destiny. Or you can get serious about creating your own economy and about not playing small anymore. When you’re serious, you decide. You cut off any other possible options. You give up tinkering with and shrinking your destiny by calling it your “passion,” your “hobby” or your “side thing.”

The thing about destiny is it won’t dance around you forever. It’s going to accomplish the purpose for which it was sent so it will happily move along to someone else who takes it more seriously. That’s destiny’s job.
You have to DO something with destiny.  That’s YOUR job.

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