Hiya People: Checking In

Hey my Readers!! :-) 

Please excuse me for not writing yesterday! I had an incident that occurred in the morning and it shook me up! So, my apologies & we had a Christmas party at work as well. Now today, I am not feeling very well. I will have to get better at doing posts beforehand and schedule them - for times such as this! So, you are feed - some type of encouragement every day! In the meantime, while I tend to myself and try to get well before Friday! My son and I have been looking forward to this weekend - we are going out of town! So, I have to get better by FRIDAY!!! Plus, Friday I have to take cupcakes to celebrate my lil one's upcoming Birthday with his classmates before they are out for the Winter Break! So, Mommy has to get better! I will be better in JESUS name! AMEN! 

I haven't bought one gift for Christmas, not even for my child! I haven't sent out Christmas cards or anything this year! Very shocking for me...but life has been quite interesting for me lately! All is well though! GOD has it under His control, for sure! 

As, I am expecting to go on our trip this weekend! I will try to take lots of pics, to share with you all! :-)

From now until the end of this year. I will just post when I feel the need to! Until we meet again! May GOD Bless YOU & your family abundantly!!! 

Thank you for your support!!