Monday's Biz Tip: Review Employee's Before Hiring

Business Tip:

Many small business owners, reach out to their friends and/or acquaintances for help with running their business - for various reasons.

AND that's cool BUT YOU MUST make sure to do a background check on your potential Employee's before hiring them!!!! It's a must! I don't care how much this person recommends someone! Do a background check AND make sure to test them to see, if they are even FIT to perform the job - that you are requiring them to do!

After all, you know what you are looking for and how you want things to be done. Only you can determine, if the chosen person is fit for the job!

I had a scenario recently - where I asked someone to get me some help. I just completely left it in their hands, to get me the help...mainly b/c I reached out to a few others and received no response and I needed some help immediately!

So, I told the person - what all I needed to be done and how much, I would pay the person or persons for helping! That was a BIG FAIL!!! I got the help, but not the type of help I was seeking! I paid them - what I said I was going to pay though. I kept my word BUT I ended up doing majority of the work myself! Talk about FAIL FAIL FAIL!!! I was like if my brother was alive to see this...I know he would be laughing at me! LOL

So, that was a lesson for me recently! It wasn't a BIG deal like it could have been for something else but it still was wasted time and funds!

So, YES - it's good to get referrals from your friends/colleagues, etc. BUT make sure you do your own investigation. Before you give the okay, to pay people and then they can't perform like you expected, etc.

Don't waste your time or money! BE SMART! 

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