Traveling Thursday: My journey!

This year is wrapping up, pretty quickly! What a year!!!! I have learned so much about myself &'s unbelievable! Lots have happened this year in my world. It's been quite a journey! 

As the year wraps up, I am seeing that they are a lot of folks who will not be traveling with me in the New Year AND I am cool with that! I don't want anyone to be tagging along in my life...who will hinder my GROWTH in Christ! 
Some people have VIP access (Front Row) to your life...
when they need to be on the balcony and watching from a distance!

I have been learning so much about myself and my attitude! :-) A friend told me, that I am learning to be as I continue to rise. I will not be above myself. I believe that is true! I keep getting scriptures and seeing words from other Pastors and different Man/Women of GOD saying the same there I take it as confirmation! GOD wants me to remain humbled, as I continue to grow and go along my journey! I cannot get ahead of myself! For they are GREAT things to come for me...but I must remain HUMBLED!!

But he gives us even more grace to stand against such evil desires. 
As the Scriptures say, "God opposes the proud but favors the humble." 
James 4:6 (NLT)

God's been really showing me, who I am lately! My goodness. Most of it is good! :-) Of course, I wouldn't say anything negative about myself! Ha! BUT for real, I have a good spirit but then they are some things...well I chuckle about it. I suppose I need to work on. Something happened recently and I got mad...and then I realized - how that person treated me - is EXACTLY how I treat others! OUCH! So, when I realized that...I was like. Oh, I see....GOD is just showing me how I am to others and how it may feel to them - when I am that way! Sweet Jesus! So, yeah - I suppose I need to work on that! Pray for me!

So, much is in store! A lot more of me is coming, I can feel it! :-) My plans keep changing! My goodness...makes me feel like a crazy dysfunctional person! LOL BUT I know they are only changing for the better. You have to go through things, to see what GOD wants you to see. So, things that have happened to me recently...had to happen for me to OPEN up my brown people and things that surround me! So, my plans changed...b/c I saw those things - that He wanted me to see about a lot of things! So, that I will know the truth and when you know the TRUTH, it will set you FREE!

I only want to go and be where GOD leads me. So, I am completely walking by FAITH!!!  Which can be quite scary b/c you don't know what's to come next...but you have to TRUST GOD and go and do as He says!