Tuesday Fitness: Breathing Correctly "Exercising"

Did you know it's VERY important to breathe correctly....while exercising!!? 

Some people have a hard time, breathing correctly because of Health issues like: Being Overweight, Asthma and other major Health Conditions. There are so many health conditions...that makes it difficult to exercise and breathe correctly.

It is VERY important though to BREATHE correctly!! You gotta, know your limits and go at your own pace. When you have certain health conditions...you can't just do what everyone else does. You have to go at a pace that's good for you and your health condition. You may not have any major health conditions but just merely out of shape...you gotta go at your own pace and work your way up!

I have exercise induce Asthma, meaning I get a shortness of breath during exercising. So, that prevented me from working out too hard in the past. However, since knowing of this condition and treatment, etc. I learned how to properly control my breathing. By taking my inhaler, as needed and learning when to inhale and exhale during my workouts. It makes a BIG difference, when you are breathing correctly and not just going with the flow. You really feel the difference! It all takes practice, of course.You have to learn your body!

If you ever work out to an exercise DVD...many of the trainers focus on how important it is to breathe correctly! It's that important! So, if you are not breathing correctly while working out...start learning how to! 

If, you don't know how....let GOOGLE be your friend and search for techniques, etc. 

Have a good workout!!! :-)