Wednesday: Beauty & Pain

Beauty can hide so much hurt! 

People don't expect people, who they believe are beautiful/handsome (attractive) to have experience the hardships of life. Trials and Tribulations is not prejudice! Truth be told, what society deems as the "Attractive ones", they are the ones who have endured a lot pain. People don't like them, find reasons to hate them and do spiteful things. 

The attractive ones, have illnesses/diseases just like everyone else. They are not excused from facing life, like you face life. We all have the same issues and deal with similar things! 

Many don't see themselves as beautiful as the world may see them. Just like the average person. They hide themselves with labels, brand names, clothing, jewelry, makeup, women/men, shopping, busyness of activities. So many things, just to avoid the pain that life has caused them. 

Beauty can hide so many things. So, don't let a beautiful smile, a handsome man, a pretty woman fool you into thinking that they don't have pain. They too have pain. No one is exempt from pain. We all face life the same way!

Always be kind, for everyone you know is facing a great battle!

To those who may feel they are not beautiful and society may not say you are beautiful. GUESS WHAT the word of GOD says in 'Song of Solomon 4:1'  you are BEAUTIFUL! Scripture says it!  Believe it!
Song of Solomon 4:1

Smile and know that you are BEAUTIFUL! Nothing matters but what the WORD of GOD says about you!