I'm BACK! :-)

Well, looka  here – it appears I am back! :-) 


That didn’t last long! Huh! HeHeHe….meanwhile – so much has happened in a month – since my last post! Whew! I'm sure, I will blog about it all at some given point! ;-) My life, has been quite interesting - would make a good book one day!

My decision to stop blogging was mainly b/c I am not able to blog every single day – like other bloggers and do all the things they do. I was comparing myself to them and trying to keep up with them with postings, etc. Wrong thing to do. Especially because I am NOT like everyone else – I am ME! I don’t try to keep up with everyone else doing other stuff. So, why am I trying to in the blog world? This  "The Joneses are Overrated" 
 is a great article to read - if you find yourself "trying to keep up with the Joneses" in whatever it may be.

"Stop looking at the Joneses and turn your eyes to Jesus Christ who gives YOU strength!"

So, since I am ME! The writer in me wants to blog again! You can Subscribe to my blog posts to get an email - when I write a new entry! I have a lot of things coming up and it would be nice to share! :-)

AND I wouldn’t be me…if I didn’t change my layout! :-) I don’t know how many times, I have changed this layout but this time – I may enlist some help – so I can keep a standard look for the most part! ;-) ~ Lots to write and share, these next few months! Going to be AMAZING!!! 

Again, THANK YOU for reading my posts & following me everywhere else: Twitter, Instagram & Facebook! Thank you all for all the love, support & prayers! Much Appreciated!

~ mauh ~