Get Up! 

Is what He said. I was running late for work that I responded: Okay I'm getting up.  

Then about a few months later...He said "Get Up" that moment I knew GOD was not playing with me anymore! I needed to GET UP!  

When I first moved to Atlanta in June 2005. I didn’t go to church, I was too embarrassed because I was an unwed pregnant woman. I didn't want people to be staring at me [I was ashamed] look at her. I grew up in the church. I worked in a church! I knew what was wrong. I knew what I was not suppose to do. Yet, after certain things happened in my life. I just didn't care. I went my own way for awhile but surprisingly around the time before I got pregnant with my son. I was like I needed to stop doing certain things, like it's okay. When it's not. I wanted to change and be a better me!

Then, I was pregnant. Now in a new city, where I knew no one. You would think that not knowing anyone I would be okay going to church b/c I knew no one here....I may not have known anyone here BUT I knew GOD! 

Going to His house was just too much for me to do at the time. I went to a church service only once while I was pregnant and showing....and that was in my hometown...when I was there for a visit. 

For the remainder of my pregnancy, I decided to chill at home and just read the word and that's what I did. I read the word, prayed and I cried out to GOD. I did. I just did it in the privacy of my home. AND I would say the famous quote: God knows my heart! I don't have to go to church. It was like I was hiding from the world...while I was pregnant. I went to visit my family and friends home a few times but in Atlanta I stayed to myself. I went to my doctor appointments, I took baby classes [how to be a mom, etc], I did my shopping and talked to my neighbor every now and then...BUT that's it - I pretty much kept to myself. All just because.....I was ashamed! 

One day though...I decided I needed to go to church...this was after my child was born. So, I visited 3 different churches....I wasn't feeling them. So, I didn't continue going. Then I found my previous place of worship and I went a couple of times...and then eventually I started going regularly and I started doing things. Like different areas....but still it wasn't the same like it had been before I came to Atlanta. Something inside of me had died. I was just going to church and doing what I do...being friendly and just being me but a different me. A me that was hurt by things that had happened in my life, a me that wasn't living up to her full potential at all. Deep down, I wanted to do more [I had ideas]....but I knew more would be required of me and I wasn't quite sure I was ready for that AND I didn't want to be stuck doing everything like I had been in the past. I didn't want to be taken advantage of...been there done that....that FEAR kept me from moving forward...

Anyhow, this last year God's been tugging on my heart, my spirit and speaking to me more and more. He was tired of me just sitting still and not living up to my full potential. I know He He started putting different things in my spirit to do. That's why I changed the blogging to write more Inspirational postings and I started Encouraging more in social media. I started making additional changes in my life and I realized I just couldn't be doing certain things anymore. I had to stop living like the world! I started taking baby steps to do more and be more...than what I had been... 

It seriously feels like I have been on Vacation these last 8 years of my life. Just chilling! I shared the gospel...and I did outreach here and there but nothing like I did before I came to Atlanta. I was taking a break from doing the things, I know I should be doing….and last year I just felt a tug more and more that I needed to do more. Especially, after my Grandpa died....

I also remember sitting in a Beth Moore's "Stepping Up" class one day thinking who’s going to be coming up after them {older Ministers/Pastors}....if we the young people don’t get our acts together and step up. Who's going to spread the Gospel, etc?

That moved me. I started pressing more into the Word. More and More. Than certain things happened that had to happen for me to get to this place. It all pushed and helped me GROW spiritually. 

Within, the last month I have been attending a New Place of worship "Faith Christian Center" and I made my first visit to FCC in October 2012....and I remembered telling the Pastor when he said to me come back [during the 1st time visitor's meet and greet]....I told him I would be back...but I didn't know at the time...that I would be back and would be becoming a Member - I just thought I would go and visit randomly. 

However, since attending this place regularly. I have learned so much and the teaching is what my Spirit needs to help me grow and push me....b/c despite me growing up in the church my whole life. There is still a lot, I don't know and I need guidance. We all need guidance!

Coming to this place has opened up my eyes even more and it's pushing me and encouraging me MORE AND MORE! God leads each one of His children to a place of worship that will be "Just Right" for them to help them grow and be all that He calls them to be! In this season of my life, this is where I need to be!

AND then the confirmations I get during service: I would think things before coming to service...questions and then what do you know....the Pastor or one of the Ministers would say something that answers my secret questions that only GOD and I knew! 

When that happens, it just makes my heart smile and I know my Father [GOD] has answered my secret questions and this is my new home.  AND although, I love all the people I have met at all the various churches I have been in my adult life. I finally feel at home here. I am more open here. I feel like I belong! It's like another part of me has awaken....and I am finally UP and off Vacation!   

I messaged a friend that I am finally off my vacation...she responded: Vacation was over the day, you realized that there was more to you, than what was being fed to you all those years! The day you looked in the mirror and realized you were beautiful, the day you realized there was a calling on your life and decided to do something about it. That’s the day the devil was officially defeated because you realized who God said that you were and you believed it! 
That statement is TRUE and Coasta has ARISE and I will do as you lead me Father! [GOD]  ~ I don't know what all is in store for me...but my heart is willing to learn what I need to learn and be who you called me to be! I have so much CONFIDENCE in you!

Thank you for being so so patient with me all these years AND never leaving my side! 

For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10 NLT