Growing Spiritually

As, I continue to GROW spiritually....GOD is showing me oh so much.....

I have so much work to be done and so much learning! I am surely a work in progress....well we all are...

BUT even though we are all a work in progress....when you have really given your life to Christ - [BORN AGAIN] - you don't continue to practice sin. You will get CONVICTED! 

No one who is born of God will continue to sin...1 John 3:9  
I believe society, has made things seem like the natural thing to do and made it like it's okay - to behave and do certain things - when it is NOT! A child of GOD, should not be of the world and behave as the world behaves! 

If you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior and are BORN AGAIN - you don't continue to live in sin...and do things that you know deep down in your heart is wrong. Grant it, there may be somethings you do - that are sin....but you are blind and unaware that they are....but as you GROW in Christ - the light bulb will come on!   


Yesterday, as I witness others getting baptized (by being submerged into water) during service. It made me thought of the time...when I first gave my life to Christ at about 12yrs old and got the sprinkle baptism on the head [Methodist Church] and then at about 14/15 yrs old b/c we thought it was cool - my lil brother and I got baptized by being fully submerged into the water at a [Non-denominational] church we were visiting with a friend.

Never, really realizing the impact of it all at the time....BUT yesterday it came to light as the Pastor explained it all.....and I then realized - I need to get baptized, the right way with my whole heart...before I continue on with certain things in my life.  In order, for me to to be fully equipped to receive all that GOD has for me. I feel it is necessary to do things, the right way. 

Recently, I asked to be released from my former church. I felt it in my spirit, my season was over at the former church. [Attended 2007-2013] So, I was released. The church, I am now which I felt led to come which, I did do my research on this church beginning last year. This church, has really been opening up my eyes, to a lot of new revelations! I'm so glad, I removed my fear and listened to the Holy Spirit. Doing new things and stepping outside of our comfort zone...can be a lil fearful BUT when we know it's the Holy Spirit - we must TRUST, where He is taking us and follow His lead! He only wants, what's best for us!

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future.  John 16:13 NLT

For, I am a child of GOD but I need guidance - we all glad to have been led to this new place of worship! It also, lets me know my Father [GOD] knows what is best for His child and what I need. :-)  Excited for all that is to come, in this new chapter of my life! 

~ Love, Peace & Christ