Job - Testimony

So a few months ago – I was set out to move back home to Charleston. I was so sure it was the thing for me to do. I had it all planned out…I told my Employer (so they would have notice) that I was leaving, etc. AND then when I got to Charleston with my stuff and everything. My spirit shifted…..and I felt it was not where I was suppose to be. I couldn’t even explain it. I was like really GOD….what am I suppose to do now!? So, I went back to ATL and got still/pray, didn’t really speak to anyone and just waited….

Meanwhile, my employer hired my replacement….I trained my replacement. One of my co-workers was having surgery….so they said they will keep me – until she returns from surgery and then….they will let me go. Of course, a normal person would panic. My friends were panicking like uh Coasta – what are you going to do? I was like OK Lord…what am I to do? I wanted to panic…but I kept thinking to myself what do you tell people all the time Coasta “TRUST GOD, Don't Worry, etc” ~ You must do what you tell people to do! So, I was like OK….you know this will work out. I started looking for other places to work…and I’m very picky to say the least. I found a few places that interest me….so I applied. A few the pay wasn’t right….and rightfully so – I still had my current job…so I’m not going to accept something that is beneath what I am getting paid now…so I was like I’ll wait…until I get a better offer or until that’s my only option.

Then I started getting letters saying:  we decided not to fill the position, the position is now part time are you still interested, the position is no longer available…and will you accept this pay... So, I was like well I’ll wait. Then I just stop applying altogether – and I started working more on my personal business plans. While, I focused on my business plans and waited. Would you know my current EMPLOYER, let go my replacement (my position was too much for her to handle – I know I make my job look easy but it’s a lot you have to do….and you have to be a good multi-tasker)…..SO, anyway I still have my job! Look at GOD!

Who hires a replacement and keeps the person they are replacing….who does that? Not too many companies, are willing to pay two people to do the same job! This illustrated to me…GOD got me! So, no worries! In the midst of it all though….I learned some valuable lessons and a lot was revealed to me in those months….that had this situation never occurred…I wouldn’t have seen…EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

Just thought I would share…

"So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today." Matthew 6:34 NLT