Business Owner!

So, my business license was finally APPROVED! I had a picture of the INCORPORATION certificate on my facebook for my friends to see...but in this day and age with technology and people not so trustworthy! I felt, I should take that down! Gotta be safe!

My business was officially incorporated on Feb. 21, 2013 and the document was signed on April 4, 2013!

I am VERY EXCITED that I can officially call myself an Entrepreneur/Business Woman! I've always saw myself as a Business woman - since a teen! It's crazy that it is finally happening! I remember telling the Career Counselor in my High School that I saw myself as a CEO when I grow up! AND now my dreams are finally coming true!

My friends who've been in my life for 5+ years know how much I talk about owning my own business. :) They are probably sick of it! Well, esp. those who have been my friend for 10+ years!! :) Grateful, to have them in my life b/c they all have encouraged me and my dreams! My close friends may not live near me but they do support me from afar & I appreciate them all!!!

However, now that I am business owner. It's like exciting but overwhelming all at the same time! Overwhelming b/c it's like WOW it's finally here! Like I can't believe it! Can I really do this? LOL Thankful, I have a Father [GOD] who loves me and encourages me every step of the way! There is no one like Him and I really don't know where I would be without Him. He is my EVERYTHING! :) & through Christ I know I can do all things!

My business set up is not at all what I thought it would be - when I was brewing it up in my head as a teen and all through out the years. Instead, my concept has changed in a big way. I've been really inspired to encourage others. I've always had a heart to help people...BUT just never really thought of it in this aspect.

My company will be all online for now. I will be selling inspirational jewelry, clothing and handmade tutu's and encouraging others to know Christ through my products.

My business will start off small. Starting off with the jewelry and tutu's....and work towards the apparel. The more expensive part of the Business [apparel]! I don't want to get a loan! So, I will continue to work my regular Mon-Fri 8-5 job - to ensure I have a steady income coming I am a single parent and gotta make sure we eat! :) The first few years are always the hardest! So, I have to be smart about all things. Starting a business is a BIG deal! I'm trusting my FATHER [GOD] to continue to guide me in the way that I should go - as I continue to SEEK Him in ALL things!

~ Blessings!!!