God's Beauty Article featured in KoKoa Magazine

 God's Beauty 

God’s beauty is everywhere! Can you see it? Do you feel it?  

Look up towards the sky, the sky so pretty and blue! The air we breathe so amazing.  Do you feel the wind? Isn’t it lovely. As we lay on the grass, do you feel that - amazing isn't it? How beautiful is that!  

If only, life would feel so beautiful. Life isn't always, so beautiful though. The bank accounts aren't so beautiful, the house isn't so beautiful, the children don't behave so beautiful at times. When we look at ourselves in the mirror. We don't feel so beautiful. We see an insecure person? a sick person? a fat person? a skinny person? a unsuccessful person? a unfit parent? a horrible student? a failure? 

Who we see, is not so beautiful in our eyes; because those eyes, believes all the lies of the enemy. BUT do you know, those eyes have been deceived and we are beautiful in God's eyes! 

Do you know how beautiful YOU are?  How precious YOU are to this Earth? That nothing that has come upon you,  can hinder all the beauty GOD has bestowed upon you. 

No circumstance or man, can take away your beauty. Your beauty is like none seen before. You were created by GOD and you are one of a kind. Just like the earth and all the creatures. You were divinely created. 

So, do not let the lies of the enemy - keep you from believing all that you are! You are beautiful and you are who GOD has created you to be. So, next time you stop and take a look at yourself in the mirror. 

Know that:  "You are beautiful, my darling, beautiful beyond words..." Song of Solomon 4:1 NLT 

No one looks like you do! No one acts like you do! No one thinks like you do! You are truly one of a kind. You have BEAUTY within you! You have a beauty that lies in you that the world has yet to see. So, remember that you are beautiful! Very beautiful!  You are one of a kind! 

This article written by Coasta is featured in KoKoa Magazine's April Issue 2013 - Check out the magazine below: